Counting the cost: Maeving RM1 vs Super Soco TC Max vs Yamaha XSR125 Legacy

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The past three years have had a dramatic effect on how we work. Since Covid, the traditional nine-to-five, five-day week has mutated into a far more fluid affair with many still working predominantly from home with the odd day of hot desking.

But on those days when you have to get to the building, as MCN’s office manager Alison Silcox does on a regular basis, what is the most frugal way to do it on two wheels (while still having fun)? MCN decided to explore three budget-saving commuting options using a typical ride to work as an example.

On test are two electric commuting alternatives, the stylish but costly Maeving RM1 and the wallet-friendly mass-produced Super Soco TC Max, but also a petrol-powered Yamaha XSR125 Legacy. All of these bikes are A1-legal, meaning if you have a driving licence you only need to gain a CBT certificate to be able to benefit from their cost-saving attributes on your commute.

In town on the Maeving RM1

“Usually on my commute – which involves a 20-minute, 12-mile each-way trip three days a week – I’d take the car or a large-capacity motorcycle,” says Alison. “With the limited speeds of these three bikes, I have had to tailor my route as I don’t feel comfortable on the busy A1 so instead they were tested on a 39-mile round trip that starts in Stamford and then goes through open B-roads before finishing up in a busy city commute through the centre of Peterborough at rush-hour to the office.

“This doubles the commute from 20 to 40 minutes, but is much more interesting than the dual carriageway. At the moment we are seriously considering becoming a one-car family and a cheap form of transport such as one of these three bikes would be a genuine prospect to sit in the garage ready to get me to the office on the days I am required to be there.

Riding the Maeving RM1 in town

“If it is to be used purely as a commuter, I don’t see the need for more performance than they offer and the economic benefits of A1-legal bikes such as low insurance, fuel, running costs and tax are appealing.” So what’s the reality of commuting on restricted-performance bikes verses Ali’s preconceptions? Time to find out.

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