Meet the Mutt Mastiff 125: a factory custom with adventure looks and accessible running costs

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Mutt have just released the Mastiff – a beefed up version of their super popular custom 125s. If you’re not familiar with Mutt they produce a range of small capacity, factory custom bikes that look as cool down the bike meet as they will outside the Bike Shed. Powered by a reproduced Suzuki 125cc engine, they’re as tough as old boots and with 11.8bhp on tap they’re a damn sight quicker than a pair of old boots too.

Mutt say that the new Mastiff is the ‘King of the Mutts’, so they’ve gone to town on the standard bike starting with the tank. The Mastiff has a whopping 17l tank, which is 5l bigger than the standard Mongrel and should keep you going for a while. The tank is finished off with a funky Monza-style fuel cap and too-cool-for-school flat black and silver paintjob. The rest of the bike is just as well thought out too.

The Mastiff rolls on black 18” spoked wheels, wrapped with a deep tread set of knobblies – perfect if your ride to work includes a few muddy fields, less so if it’s straight down the A2. Look closely and you’ll see lots of lovely details including CNC machined LED indicators, headlight brackets, fork caps and head stem nut plus the brushed alloy mudguards, proper headlight grill and the stainless mini-speedometer.

Just like every Mutt it’s sporting a fruity stainless-steel pipe that gives the dog its bark, as well as the heavy duty aluminium sump guard plus some more dainty details like the machined oil-filler cap.

Despite its classy looks the Mastiff won’t break the bank with the Mastiff costing £3495 plus on the road costs. A little more than some basic 125s but worth every penny when they look as rad as this one. Keep an eye out for the MCN review as soon as the Mastiff is available.

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