Peugeot Pulsion 125: do you know of a smarter scooter?

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Peugeot have revealed a new Pulsion 125 for 2019, and it has more tech than ever to try to push into a more premium sector of the scooter market. We can't think of a techier twist-and-go...

What's new for the 2019 Pulsion?

There’s a debut of the French firm’s i-Connect instrument cluster arrangement, which the company claims is a two-wheeled version of its i-Cockpit, which is found in cars such as the 308 hatchback and 5008 SUV.

The Peugeot Pulsion 125's instrument cluster features an inverted rev counter like the firm's cars

This comprises three elements – a TFT screen that enables a “head-up” riding position, an ergonomic seat and curved handlebars for a relaxed rider gait, and a dedicated app that receives texts and voice calls. The rider can’t make calls or read or send texts, however, when the bike is in motion. Built-in GPS helps the rider plan their route.

The new design features LED lights at both ends, while day-running lights are a first for a 125. Keyless ignition removes another potential hassle, while the Pulsion will even flash its hazards at the touch of a button on the keyfob so it’s easier to find in a car park.

This "smart key" offers keyless ignition and the ability to locate your Peugeot Pulsion 125 in a car park

Under the seat there’s enough space for a full-face helmet and a half jet helmet with screen.

What engine does the Peugeot Pulsion 125 have?

It’s powered by a Peugeot-built 14.6bhp liquid-cooled motor, that generates 8.8lb ft of torque at 7000rpm. A 12-litre fuel tank and claimed economy of 97.4mpg make for compelling reading, indicating a range of 257 miles per tank if you’re careful with the throttle.

Peugeot Pulsion 125 Allure and RS together

There are two versions of the Peugeot Pulsion 125: Allure and – believe it or not – RS. Allure gets a high adjustable windscreen, support for a top box and the i-Connect connectivity. Colours are red and titanium.

Top-spec RS versions are two-tone and get uncovered handlebars, a shorter (but still adjustable) windscreen and an INOX foot rest.

The new Pulsion will be built in France at the company’s Mandeure factory, and both models will cost £4499. It’s available to order now.

The Peugeot Pulsion 125 Allure

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