KTM apply 'Pikes Peak' formula to 1290 Super Adventure

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KTM are testing a new variation of their Super Adventure that’s clearly designed to go up against the likes of Ducati’s Multistrada V4 Pikes Peak.

Just like Ducati have done with the Pikes Peak, KTM have taken the big-wheeled 1290 Super Adventure R and fitted a pair of road-going 17in wheels. Doing this makes lots of little changes to how the bike handles.

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For a start, it lowers the bike as well as shifting more weight on to the front. It also steepens the head angle and reduces trail, all of which combine to speed up the steering.

The new bike could spell an end to the KTM 1290 Super Duke GT

The smaller front wheel also has less mass than a large one, again quickening the speed with which it will change direction. Then add in the sportier tyre options for 17in wheels and it turns into a razor-sharp supermoto.

Paired with these new wheels is a brand new swingarm, which confirms this is no lash up. Interestingly, the suspension appears to be the same fully adjustable WP units from the R, albeit with reduced travel.

The original Pikes Peaks models were also conventionally suspended to make them more suited to track riding, whereas the latest one uses semi-active electronic suspension, as does the ‘adventure sports’ BMW S1000XR. This could prove to be a dud move for KTM.

Also suggesting this isn’t just a quick parts bin special is the carbon fibre front mudguard, which, although similar to the one fitted to the RC8C, appears unique to this bike.

The elephant in the room though is – why? The Pikes Peak makes sense for Ducati as they don’t have any other top-end sports tourers but KTM already have the Super Duke GT. So does this spell the end for the practical Duke?

The bike will be a Ducati Multistrada V4 Pikes Peak rival if it makes it into production

  • Sitting comfortably There are some nods to practicality with twin comfortable seats instead of the R’s one-piece design
  • Sticky rubber KTM have fitted Pirelli Angel GT II tyres, ideal for a powerful sports- tourer
  • Parts in the pot The front wheel appears to be from the Super Duke GT, the rear from the Super Adventure S
  • Stripped back With no off-road pretensions, the heavy crash bars and bashplate have been jettisoned
  • Look out Interestingly KTM have equipped this R with radar, which is currently only available on the S model