Royal Enfield Tribute Black limited edition marks end of 500cc engine

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Royal Enfield’s Classic Tribute Black limited edition marking the end of the firm’s 500cc engine is here, and it costs £5499.

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We first heard back in February 2020 that a limited run of 1000 bikes would be available in Europe and Enfield have confirmed that just 210 will arrive in the UK.

The single-cylinder engine has been used by the brand since 2008 and found a home in the Bullet and Classic models that helped power Enfield’s growth into a global player in the modern motorcycle market.

Each Tribute Black will feature a special two-tone black paintjob (matte and gloss) and a serial number plaque. You also get canvas panniers with mounting racks, touring mirrors, pillion seat and a machined oil filler cap.

Royal Enfield Tribute Black tank

“Since 2008 the Royal Enfield 500cc motorcycles have proudly set the stage for the middleweight motorcycling segment,” said Mr Vinod Dasari, CEO of Royal Enfield.

“The Classic 500 in particular has garnered success for Royal Enfield across various international markets with its sublime retro-chic design and engaging ride experience.

“As we sign off the last of the Royal Enfield 500cc motorcycles, the Classic 500 Tribute Black is an opportunity for aficionados to own a piece of Royal Enfield and motorcycling history.”

The Indian brand will concentrate instead on building upon their successful 650cc platform as seen in the Continental GT and Interceptor models.