City slickers: Seat reveal three electric scooters for personal and fleet use

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In a bid to cut urban congestion and move people away from public transport, car manufacturer, Seat, have revealed three new electric scooters, available to both private buyers and for fleet and shared operations.

Comprised of a larger 125cc-equivalent motorcycle and two motorised kick scooters, Seat claim the bikes will go on sale across the UK, subject to the successful completion of ongoing trials and legalisation.

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Capable of a claimed top speed of 59mph, the Seat MÓ eScooter 125 is the Spanish car firm’s first-ever motorcycle. Available as either a personal or shared vehicle option, the e-scoot is powered by a 12.1bhp electric motor integrated into the rear wheel. What’s more, there’s a claimed range of 77 miles on a single charge, plus the choice of three riding modes (City, Sport, Eco) and a reverse gear for paddling backwards.

Seat MÓ eScooter 125 digital dash

Unlike a conventional petrol-powered 125 though, the eScooter 125 produces a claimed 177ftlb of torque. To put that into perspective; that’s around 14ftlb more than the 2.5-litre Triumph Rocket 3 muscle cruiser. Whether the finished product will live up to that claim remains to be seen.

Charging the 125 can be done either on or off the bike, with the 5.6kWh lithium-ion battery pack removable for home charging. For greater efficiency during fleet use, additional batteries will also be available – meaning quick swaps can be made to keep the bike on the road.

Elsewhere, under seat storage is said to be large enough for two helmets and two integrated USB ports will be included for charging small items like your mobile phone. Vehicles will also be trackable via a new smartphone app.

Seat MÓ eScooter 125 side view

On top of these features, Seat say bikes destined for shared company use will be available in an exclusive ‘Dark Aluminium’ matte paint. There will also be a top case to store things like helmets and an integrated phone holder. Did somebody say Deliveroo…?

Rise of the microscoots

The Seat eKickScooter65

Away from the 125, Seat have also whipped the cover off the eKickScooter65 (above) and eKickScooter25 – designed for whizzing across town, or completing the final leg of your commute.

Similar in appearance to the Lime rentable electric scooters already beginning to appear in some major cities, the 65 gets its name from a claimed 65km urban range (40.4 miles) and the 25 from – you guessed it – its ability to travel 25km (15.5 miles) on a single charge in the same scenario.

Powered by a 551Wh battery, the 65 is capable of a top speed of around 12mph, with enough energy to tackle 20-degree inclines without running out of puff. Expect recharging to take around six hours.

Elsewhere, the smaller 25 is full in three-and-a-half hours, however has a much smaller battery capacity (187Wh, compared to 551Wh). That said, it’s actually capable of 15.5mph – with the 65 limited to just over 12mph to extend the range and adhere to stricter kick scooter speed regulations in countries like Germany.

On both bikes there are front and rear lights, brakes at both ends and more. Interestingly, there is also three riding modes – Eco, Standard and Sport.

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