Segway Ninebot unveil self-balanacing scoot concept, eScooter and eMoped line-up

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Electric personal transportation specialists, Segway Ninebot, have unveiled a pair of smart scooters at an event in Beijing, China, an eScooter and an eMoped.

The eScooter is capable of 62mph in top E200P spec with range of around 124 miles in dual battery mode. Segway also claim the scooter will reach 25mph in around three seconds.

Due to its traditional legs-forward design, the underseat storage can accommodate a full-size helmet. The eScooter is also equipped with large disc brakes front and rear, light sensitive LED headlights and a backlight spectrum, interactive dash.

Segway Ninebot eMoped

The eMoped is aimed at city centre riding with a top speed of just 16mph and a maximum range of 53 miles (lower range versions are available). Its lithium battery can be removed one-handed for charging.

You still get a digital dash controlled with two buttons and a front disc brake but the rear is a drum.

Both models are available in a staggering 100,000 colour combinations and use smart technology to pair with your phone and give you up-to-date information about battery status and health, plus NFC (Near Field Communication – like contactless credit cards) keyless tech and security.

The future of Segway Ninebot

Segway Ninebot Apex

Alongside the eScooter and eMoped, Segway also unveiled two very interesting concepts. The first is a scooter that incorporates Segway’s famous self-balancing technology to create a bike that can be remote controlled or left to park itself.

The other is an electric sportsbike called the Apex (see video below) with a top speed of 125mph. a 0-37mph time of 2.9 seconds won’t be troubling performance electrics from manufacturers like Lightning or Energica, but it could be a very attractive replacement for a petrol 125.

There’s no word on pricing or a planned release date for the eScooter or eMoped yet, MCN will bring you more as we get it.

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