Super Soco's latest TC Wanderer and TS Street Hunter models hit dealers

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Inner city electric bike brand Super Soco have finally launched the TS Street Hunter roadster and TC Wanderer retro models – 125cc-equivalent electric motorcycles we first saw back in February 2021.

The Chinese-built brand came to prominence with its motorcycle-style TC Max in 2019, which, with its 17inch wheels, inverted forks and circa 7bhp performance delivers 60mph and a 60-mile range for around £4400.

The Street Hunter and Wanderer are built on a similar platform but with different styling features, less performance (2.5kW, giving 45mph and 35 miles), but just as much – if not more – style at a more affordable price. They’re priced £3799 and can be ridden on an A1 licence or CBT.

Super Soco TS Street Hunter on the road

The Street Hunter is an urban-targetted roadster with smart, angular styling and available in Storm Grey, Black, Platinum White or Charcoal Blue.

The Wanderer, meanwhile, has a more vintage, scrambler-inspired look with a round headlight, oversized knobbly tyres, wide and raised handlebars. This comes in Ceramic Blue, Vintage Green or Stormy Grey.

Both use the same 2500W rear-hub mounted motor and come with a single removable battery, which they claim can be fully recharged in three-and-a-half hours from a standard household three-pin plug.

Super Soco TC Wanderer on the road

With no need to search a public charging station on the road, a second battery is also available as an optional extra to extend the range.

Both also feature 17-inch cast wheels wheels wearing a 100/80 front and 120/70 rear tyre, inverted telescopic forks and a single front disc brake with a radially-mounted caliper.

Gone hunting: Super Soco TS Street Hunter takes aim at commuters

First published on 23 February 2021 by Ben Clarke

Super Soco TS Street Hunter front

Lightwieght electric specialists Super Soco have updated their range for 2021 including this sporty TS Street Hunter model.

The machine is a more grown-up looking version of the firm’s TSX model with a ‘roadster stance’ and streetfighter style riding position. The look is topped off with an MT-07-esque headlight and cool minimalist rear light cluster.

And the sportiness is more than skin deep – the TS will be the most aggressive machine in Soco’s range with a 2500W hub motor generating 132.8lb.ft of torque.

Super Soco TS Street Hunter right side

That doesn’t mean the TS is an arm-ripper by any means; Super Soco are more about practical urban mobility for the masses than street racing prowess and the new bike is no exception with a top speed just shy of 46mph.

Super Soco machines are likely to attract less experienced riders than some rival EVs and that might explain the need for three riding modes with varying degrees of throttle response in each. You also get a combined braking system.

The location of the motor in the hub and battery placement means the Street Hunter has a low centre of gravity and a low seat height, which should reassure those just starting out.

The dash is small but the read out displays more than you might expect, including battery status, range, riding mode options clock and air temperature.

Super Soco TS STreet Hunter dash

You also get aerodynamic winglets, which Super Soco say give the TS an aggressive look and make it more stable. We’ll have to see when it arrives if this can be felt.

A second battery can be fitted to the TS for a range of 200km/125 miles (at 15mph) and each battery takes 3.5 hours to charge. This should mean you have enough juice to get you around a city centre for a few commutes before you have to recharge overnight.

Super Soco will be hoping to capitalise on the wave of commuters leaving public transport behind in the wake of the Covid pandemic and this could be the ideal machine to tempt them. Small, lightweight (102kg or 116kg with two batteries), unintimidating and cheap to run, there’s a reason European cities are full of them.

Super Soco TC Wanderer gets a splash of retro charm

First published 23 February 2021 by Ben Clarke

Super Soco TC Wanderer

Super Soco have added a new TC model for 2021 with an impressive range and a retro styling update.

The Super Soco TC Wanderer is powered by a 3.4bhp, 133lb.ft hub-mounted motor that can push the ultra lightweight machine to a top speed of just over 46mph. And if you add a second battery to the TC Wanderer, you get a 124-mile range (at 18mph) before you need to recharge.

Recharging takes 3.5hours per battery, but there should be enough urban range to allow you top up while you’re at home or at work.

Super Soco TC Wanderer dash

Don’t let the retro looks fool you, the TC Wanderer has some bang up-to-date features including a security alarm, keyless ignition and three riding modes. An LCD display gives you all the information you need in a neat readout, too.

The TC Wanderer is released alongside the TS Street Hunter, a slightly sportier version without the retro touches and the rather unfortunately named CUmini in the firm’s 2021 range.

Super Soco CUmini scooter

The CUmini is a knees together scooter with a top speed of 28mph and a 37-44-mile range. The battery is removable and weighs just 7kg, making it easy to take indoors for a seven hour charge.

Super Soco CUmini

The new scooter is also compatible with a smartphone app that allows you to see the bike’s location and movement history as well as the alarm status. Tech that more manufacturers should perhaps consider.

There’s no word yet on price or availability for the range but MCN will bring you more information as we get it.