A stroker genius: XSR700 bodykit transforms twin-cylinder Yamaha into RD350 YPVS tribute

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The people who created a bodykit for the Yamaha XSR900 which transformed it into a tribute to the much-loved RD350LC two-stroke are back with a new design for the smaller XSR700. Having kicked things off with the XSR900LC back in 2018, Velocity-Moto (formerly Extreme Performance) have now revealed the XSR700LC YPVS Edition, which turns the 689cc parallel-twin naked into a look-alike of the LC’s successor, the RD350 YPVS. 

The products are the handiwork of Surrey performance and LC experts Velocity-Moto and are headed up by well-known specials builder, Hag Hughes. Speaking to MCN he said: “The 900 was a big success. It sold in the UK, Australia, Spain, France, New Zealand, the States… everywhere.  

“I wanted to follow it up but also mix it up a bit,” he continued. “The 700 has a slightly different appeal. Quite a few people who bought the 900 said ‘Oh, it’s a bit too feisty for me. I want something easier to ride.’  

Yamaha XSR700 kit - two bikes from side on

“I did have quite a few enquiries about putting the LC kit on the 700 but then I thought, because the demographic is slightly different, I’d do it as a powervalve instead.” 

As with the 900LC, the ‘700 YPVS’ has been created by taking a standard Yamaha XSR700, replacing the stock bodywork with a Velocity-Moto bodykit, then adding replica paint (which they can also provide), accessories, performance upgrades and more to suit your own personal taste (or budget). 

The DIY kit comprises nose-cone, screen, bellypan, sidepanels, seat base/foam/cover, tail section, rear mudguard, light bracket, rear light lens, headlight brackets and all the brackets, rubbers, and mounts that are required for fitting. 

Yamaha XSR700 from side on - Kenny Roberts

And the price for all that? It starts at £1200 and comes in unpainted black gelcoat. Unpainted kits are already in stock, with painted versions requiring around a four-week turnaround.  

“The grabrail was the most difficult bit to make because of the bracketry involved. It’s made up of about six pieces and proved to be a right pain,” Hughes added. “The response has been really good. The first one’s already gone to Australia and quite a few of the people who wanted a 900 also want a 700. It falls into that kind of collector philosophy. It’s more of an addition than a one-off.” 

Hughes went on to say that fitting the kit is simple, if a little time-consuming, so Velocity Moto also offer customers a ‘ride in-ride out’ fitting service which costs £600.  

Paintwork is an extra £1100 while additional options such as powder-coated frames, wheel painting, K-tech suspension, ECU-remapping and Akrapovic/Yoshimura exhausts can be bolted on at the same time.  

Phil West

By Phil West

MCN Contributor and bike tester.