Tree-mendous! Fully loaded Zero DSR/X Black Forest costs £23k but is at the cutting edge of electric bike development


The limited-edition Zero DSR/X Black Forest is the highlight of leading electric motorcycle manufacturer Zero’s 2024 range.

Based on the current DSR/X adventure bike, the Black Forest comes with a unique black finish, special graphics plus a wide range of premium parts which mark it out as the most luxurious and wilderness-capable Zero so far.

Among those add-ons are a three-piece luggage set with inner bags, cross-spoke wire wheels which allow tubeless tyres, a touring screen, a premium saddle, plus serrated foot pegs, skid plate and frame protection guards.

2024 Zero DSR/X Black Forest cornering quickly

Further additions include fog lights, centre stand and smoked LED indicators. Costing £23,450, the Black Forest also comes with a bespoke cover and even a VIP gift box.

But it’s not the only Zero news for 2024. The Californian brand has also announced significant updates to four of its existing bikes, new, more affordable prices and a range of new colours for its carry-over models.

The new versions of the Zero S roadster and DS (Dual Sport) street trailie, which previously had the same twin spar aluminium frame, are now based on the tubular steel trellis frame of, respectively, the SR, SR/F and SR/S series and DSR/X adventure bike.

Zero F and FXE

Both use Zero’s Z-Force motor tuned to meet the 11kw continuous power limit so are A1 licence compliant yet also produce peak power of 60bhp so delivering performance far beyond a conventional learner bike.

The fourth new Zero for 2024 is an all-new DSR, again now based on the DSR/X’s tubular steel trellis and aimed at A2 licence holders. The current SR has also been retuned for A2 licence holders with both able to be upgraded for more power when the rider’s licence permits.

Meanwhile, fresh colours grace the carryover FX, FXE, SR/F, SR/S and DSR/X.

Prices now start at £12,300 for the FX rising to £12,500 for the DXE; the new S is £15,300, the DS and SR £16,200; DSR £17,000, SR/F £20,200; SR/S £20,700 and DSR/X £20,950. The DSR/X’s price, for example, is £3200 less than last year due, Zero says, to new production facilities.