Make angle-grinder lock attacks futile: Clever tech helps UK-made lock defeat tooled-up thieves

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There’s no shortage of online videos that show balaclava-wearing thieves making mincemeat of security chains with battery-powered angle-grinders. But British firm Litelok say their armoured D-lock, the X3 Moto, offers ‘at least six-times the security performance of the most heavy-duty chains’ but with a weight of 2.1kg, can be carried around in a rucksack.

Orders are now being taken for the next batch of Litelok’s X3 Moto armoured D-lock with deliveries expected next month. But how does it work?

The X3’s toughness is down to a patent-pending composite material called ‘Barronium’ that destroys the cutting disc (see video below).

Litelok X3 Moto

The Barronium is fused to a hardened fine-grain high-tensile steel core which Litelok say provides protection against other commonly used tools such as bolt croppers, cable cutters, long bars, hammer and chisels and -40°C freeze spray.

“After five years of R&D, we are extremely proud to bring Litelok X3 to market to complement the X1 and provide an option for even more angle-grinder resistance to protect motorcyclists’ precious rides,” said Litelok founder and CEO Neil Barron.

“We all know that motorcycle theft, especially using power tools, is on the rise. We believe that through Litelok X3, as the most cut and pick resistant lock available, we can make a significant impact in reducing thefts.”

To back up Litelok’s claims, the X3 Moto has achieved a Sold Secure Diamond rating for bicycle and motorbike applications. And for an added bonus, it’s made in Britain at a solar-powered factory.

Head to the Litelok website for more info or to order for a pre-order price of £249.99.