Blinking indestructible: Latvian firm claim to build unbreakable indicators

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Smashed indicators are a perennial issue when dropping adventure bikes out on the trail. Now a Latvian company may have invented the first almost indestructible indicator light to tackle the problem.

HammerLEDs came onto the market in March after company founders David Ezers and Valerijs Silins got the adventure riding bug.

Silins said: “We have been street riding for years but it started to get boring, so we tried to seek more adrenaline riding dirt bikes and then trying adventure riding. 

The difference between a HammerLEDs unit and the OE indicator

“After doing this type of riding for about three years I had broken ten blinkers and David had done the same. This is how it all started.” 

After 18 months of research and development the HammerLED was born and, like all good ideas, is simplicity personified. The light stalk is constructed from a high tensile spring with the four LEDs protected from water, dust and impacts in a sealed ali and stainless-steel case.

The pair put the invention through its paces, so much so in fact, that bikes were destroyed in the process.

“I had one very unfortunate drop. It was not even a drop but a proper crash and the whole front of the bike, handlebars, windshield everything was bent but the HammerLED was bent just a little, but my wrist got shattered. I would say they hold up quite well,” said Valerijs.

The pair are now hoping to develop a similar but aerodynamic flush-mounted indicator for street models and continue to adapt the existing HammerLEDs to suit a range of popular machines.

“BMW is now in development. Most of the KTMs are covered, we have Yamaha and Honda connectors, so we are going bike by bike by popularity. We will expand this year.”