More and more MCN readers join fight against Covid-19 as volunteers

Jon Bowles has been volunteering on his Harley-Davidson
Jon Bowles has been volunteering on his Harley-Davidson

As the UK continues to battle Covid-19, ever-more motorcyclists are stepping up to volunteer by using their machines to support the vulnerable.

MCN’s #ride5000miles Facebook page has been a hive of activity, with riders sharing their exploits during lockdown.

"It gives you something to do because all of the days sort of blur into one," Bristol-based Richard Bentham, 54, told MCN. "My bike didn’t turn a wheel for the first month of the crisis."

Richard Bentham delivers important packages on his Kawasaki Z900

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Currently furloughed from his role in car sales, the advanced rider is now delivering goods such as prescriptions and shopping, aboard his Kawasaki Z900 and has also begun riding with his local Blood Bike group, Freewheelers Emergency Voluntary Service, who are now operating 24/7 to help fight the virus.

"It was a combination of wanting to help out and, also, I have the time," Richard continued. "When I dropped off some shopping at one person’s house, the neighbour came onto his doorstep and clapped!"

Richard has been volunteering as a Blood Biker

Elsewhere, husband and wife duo Jon and Jackie Bowles, from Bolton, have been using their Harley-Davidsons to collect supplies and transport deliveries for Headbands for Heroes UK, a volunteer group making specialist headgear for key workers.

The handmade equipment alleviates some of the discomfort of wearing over-ear masks, by anchoring the straps to the band itself.

With the group centred on Standish, Wigan, the headgear has now been successfully transported over much of the country - with volunteer couriers using a relay system for longer trips.

Jackie has been volunteering on her Harley-Davidson

Currently riding between five and six days a week, Jon, 59, spoke to MCN following an 80-mile day and said: "You're doing some good and, also, you're getting out on the bike a bit. I've ended up riding a lot more than I normally do when I'm working!

"It makes a big difference to their working day - doing it in comfort, rather than being irritated all the time," he continued. "I got back just after 3pm today and I feel I've done something really worthwhile."

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