5 steps to finding the right helmet

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5000 miles is a long way to ride in the wrong kit. Here are a few tips from SHARK Helmets on making sure your lid is spot-on as you #ride5000miles and beyond.

1. Find the right helmet fit

This might sound like an obvious one, but it’s surprisingly common for riders to be in the wrong size helmet. If your lid leaves you with a nasty headache, chances are it’s too tight. If it shifts on your head or lifts up while riding or seems particularly noisy, chances are it’s too loose – and ultimately, it will not protect you properly in the event of an impact.

A good place to start is by heading to a dealer and trying a few on. A trained member of staff will be able to advise you on how the helmet should feel on your head and whether or not it is in fact too tight. There are also various ways to change the fit of a helmet – for example SHARK Helmets offers two different shell sizes and different width cheek pads on most models, so you can really personalise the fit to suit you.

2. Choosing a helmet is not all about the look

Again, it might sound obvious but it’s not all about the look – it’s also about what the helmet does for you. Think about when/where/how you’re going to be riding and find a helmet that meets your needs. SHARK Helmets are crammed with hidden features that make your riding life easier. Models like the Spartan and the EVO-ONE 2 have an integrated sun visor that you can simply flip down when the sun gets in your eyes; if you plan to do a lot of night riding, the Skwal 2 features LED lights for better visibility on the road; the Explore-R comes with a visor and goggles, so you can switch depending on your preference; and all SHARK Helmets are compatible with SHARK bluetooth system so you can listen to music or chat to a pillion or use your GPS with ease.

3. Keep a cool head

We’ve all been there – you take your lid off to reveal a sweaty mass of helmet hair underneath. Think about ventilation when you’re choosing your lid to make sure your head stays at a comfortable temperature. The SHARK Helmets Race-R Pro features optimised ventilation which has been developed using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), so basically they’ve figured out the best way to get cool air in and hot air out, keeping your head nice and sweat-free in the process. All SHARK Helmets models also have a removable, washable liner so you can freshen up the inside of your lid quickly and easily.

4. Don’t make a spectacle of yourself

We’re not judging your riding style here, we’re talking glasses. If you wear a pair, you’ll want a helmet that doesn’t push the arms into the sides of your head, leaving you with a nasty headache. All SHARK Helmets have an in-built space, dubbed the Easy-Fit, that accommodates glasses and eliminates the irritating pain in the temple.

5. Weigh it up

Pay attention to the weight of your helmet. A lightweight lid can help prevent straining on your neck, particularly when you’re putting in a lot of miles in one go. The human head weighs around 5kg (on average), so every kilogram on top of it counts. Look out for helmets constructed from Carbon Fibre – such as the SHARK Helmets Race-R Pro, Spartan and S-DRAK.

Visit www.nevis.uk.com to find your nearest SHARK Helmets dealer and see the whole SHARK Helmets range at www.shark-helmets.com

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