Dozens more riders join high-mile club


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Over six thousand people have now signed up for the #ride5000miles challenge on Facebook and over the last two weeks 93 of them have broken through the mileage barrier.

“It’s given me the incentive to get my bum off the sofa,” says Honda rider Rob Dickman. “I’m just 120 miles from the total and it’s been great. I started off with a 100-miler to blow away the cob-webs and get some practice in for a trip to Ireland when I did 1633 miles in six days.

“Then at the end of May I did another 1632 miles in six days on the NC500. Chuck in another 460 miles for the Honda day at the Ace Café in July and a few other ‘sightseeing’ trips along the way and I’m there. I’ve had a ball and encourage everyone to do it.”


Road racing fan John Ashley has already gone the distance. After trips to the Isle of Man, he clocked the big 5000 on another race trip. “I finished my 2018 tally on my BMW S1000R en-route to the ferry for a trip the Ulster GP. It’s been an inspiration.”

MCN reader John Ashley with his biking buddies

One of the great things about our Facebook R5K group is the sheer variety of bikes and bikers that are involved and the culture of using your bike more is infectious, no matter what you ride.

“I just completed the North Coast 500 in Scotland on my 2003 R1,” says Doncaster man Ian Royle. “I did 1400 miles in a week (the most I’ve ever done in one go) and proved to myself that you can tour on a sportsbike. It feels so good to be out using my bike.”

First R5K meet-up confirmed!

We’re planning a friendly #ride5000miles meet-up at noon on September 8, at the H Café in Wallingford, Oxfordshire.

Every R5K-er who attends will be photographed for the paper for a #ride5000miles special issue.

There will be stickers and prizes for the folk who’ve ridden furthest to get there. The photoshoot is at 1pm.

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