The best #ride5000miles moments of 2017

2017 was a great year for our members. Riders have reached the #ride5000miles mark, some even completing 10k!

Our Facebook site has seen a rise in members reaching their milestone numbers before the 2018 steps in.

But what’s great about the R5K movement is that it isn’t just about clocking miles, it’s a great place for help and advice from what is the friendliest crowd in motorcycling.

Reader Chris Wright has experienced this and after consulting our 4000-member site, he heeded their advice on navigation gear after posting on Facebook. “Just hit 5000 miles yesterday on a trip to Brighton,” he said. “But it was also the first time using my satnav. I used my iPhone with the Waze app with Bluetooth to my earplugs. Just waiting on my Oxford Aqua dry phone holder (under £20) and should be sorted. Big thanks to all who have contributed to this subject and indeed to the numerous other helpful and friendly posts. Well done MCN, too.”

If you haven’t joined our Facebook site yet you should – it’s full of wisdom, inspiration and bloody nice people! 

Just some of our 5000-mile heroes

Richard Knowles
Dom Sharp
Alex Garcia
Craig McCallum
Chris Marland
Willie Richards
Mark Jones
James Savery
Brian Kupferer
Chris Kilgar
Steve Stokes
Andrew Davidson
Philip Lightlower
Caitlin Craik

#Ride5000Miles highlights

“I was already IAM qualified, but I was chuffed to pass the SERV assessment so that I could also start Blood Biking. My first run was a true high spot, but they’ve all been good.”– Phil Sivelle 

“Mine was finally making it to the Outer Hebrides and the Isle of Harris. The weather and cloudless skies made it even better!” – Peter Johnson 

“It was the Austrian Alps for me. So that was ten days and we covered 14 passes. This is the Jaufen Pass.” – JanWillem Helmers 

“Elephant Rally on a 125 – my dad’s 40- year ambition. Cold but brilliant, taking in Arnhem, Düsseldorf, Cologne and Nuremberg on the way.” – Mark Edmondson 

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