Plenty of mileage left in the #ride5000miles biking year yet

Roadtrips, tours, 188-mile cake runs. The fun doesn’t stop at #ride5000miles

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It’s been a cracking couple of weekends for our R5K members. With a brilliantly unseasonably warm end to October (and just little bit of wind and rain) everyone has been piling on the miles, heading to the coast or just looking for any excuse to get out on their bikes and ride. 

Member Dave Franklin sums up the R5K spirit the best and we also salute him for cracking his 5000-mile target.


Dave told us: “The sun was out yesterday, so I had to pop out for coffee and cake and came back – 188 miles later! 

“My route was Ipswich to Cromer via Norwich, return via Fakenham, Swaffham, Thetford, Bury St Edmunds – a great day. I took another short trip this afternoon for another coffee; no cake this time but another 58 smiles. Now up to 2888 miles on the R1200RS and I’ve done 2635 on the Tiger Sport since March. That’s 5523 happy miles in total.”

“I’m impressed with Dave’s spirit,” says MCN Senior Editor and fellow big-mile rider, Matt Wildee. 

“With the mild autumns of the last few years many people are putting their bikes away far too early. There is still plenty of time to crack that 5000-mile target and with the roads still free from salt, we should all continue riding as much as we can. And if you haven’t signed up to R5K, do it now. Our Facebook group is full of great people and inspiration.” 

This week’s 5000-mile heroes

Les Chaplin
Shaun Bartley
Mark Alderson
Marc Stephens
Richard Bentham
Jay Lucas
Philip Harman
Charles Beckwith Moore
John McClean
Graham Brand
Mark Barbour
Gary Morton
Will Crighton
Mike Blain
John Lay
Tony Hubbard
Gareth Fenn
Al Bentley

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