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Pensioner John Cox could be Britain’s highest-mileage rider of 2018 so far after clocking 8,737 miles since the start of the year on his Honda Crosstourer. As well as already busting MCN’s 5000-mile target, he’s clocked all his miles while on kidney dialysis!

On the waiting list for a new kidney, after each ride John has to administer his own dialysis, meaning he had to be home each evening – no matter how far he’s travelled. ‘I just can’t stop riding’ says 67-year-old. ‘I’ve been retired for a while, but before that I was a truck driver and I just love big miles. Nothing makes me happier than spending a day riding my bike. I’ll leave the house at eight in the morning and aim to be back for six at night and ride for as long as possible in between.’

John bought his new Honda last March and has racked up more than 38,000 miles. ‘It’s bulletproof,”he said. “My previous Crosstourer was at 106,000 miles after three years. They don’t go wrong.”

John’s made a few tweaks to the Crosstourer to make it more comfortable. He’s added a Touratech seat with a Beadrider cover (like a 1980s taxi), two sat-navs and even an additional 22-litre fuel tank, increasing the bike’s range to 400 miles.

“If you want to begin clocking up the miles, my best advice is to built up slowly, with say, a 200-mile trip. You need to get your mind and your body used to it – don’t rush around either as that’s when things go wrong. When you’re tired or you need a break, just stop. But I’d say to anyone planning a big trip, just do it – you’ll love it.. The more time you spend on your bike, the more you bond with it and the better you feel about riding.

What is R5K?

MCN’s campaign aims to encourage as many riders as possible to cover 5000 miles in a year. It’s all about getting out more – and enjoying your bike.

How do I do it?

Make a note of your mileage at the start of your biking year. Many members take a photo at the start and end of the challenge.

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