Three great routes to try for #ride5000miles

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Here are three riding routes, as suggested by you, to get you in the #ride5000miles spirit for 2018.


Which would you try? 

North – B6255 from Hawes to Ribblehead, nominated by MCN reader David Whitney

David says: This is the best 11 miles of road around. I could ride the B6255 all day.

Length: 11 miles.

Love it because: Follow this road all the way from Hawes to the impressive viaduct at Ribblehead. Once out of Hawes, the ride is completely removed from any signs of urban sprawl. It’s just you, the bike and the idyllic scenery.

Take a picture: At the viaduct itself.

Stop for a cuppa at: Take a slight detour and head for The Station Inn, in Ribblehead. Carry on just past the viaduct turning and it’s on your right.

Watch out for: Speed cameras.

Best bike for the job: To properly take in the views, you’ll need an adventure bike.

Midlands – Uppingham and Market Harborough, nominated by MCN reader Alan Storey

Alan says: The ride to Harborough is fun but watch out for the humpback bridges, especially if you’re riding the route the other way – from Harborough to Uppingham – because the road drops away after the second hump. I got air on a Harley Sportster there once and they land with a ‘clang!’

Length: 14.3 miles.

Love it because: It’s a swooping countryside ride, perfect for thrashing at your leisure.

Take a picture at: Stop at Rockingham Castle for a historic picture of you and your bike.

Stop for a cuppa at: The Castle Inn.

Watch out for: Traffic. This is a major route between two towns.

Best bike for the job: Anything!

South – B2042 from Sevenoaks in Kent to Edenbridge, nominated by MCN reader Rob Wright

Rob says: A narrow, twisting route lined with thick rows of trees, this really is like the ‘Ring in miniature!

Length: 10.7 miles.

Love it because: It’s the perfect place to let your bike off its leash a little without too much traffic.

Take a picture at: Stop off at Ide Hill for fantastic views.

Stop for a cuppa at: Try the Woodman pub, just outside Ide Hill. The perfect place for a hot drink, not something stronger!

Watch out for: Look out for damp patches under the trees, which are starved of sunlight after it has rained.

Best bike for the job: A winding road like this needs either a super-naked or supermoto.

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