#Ride5000miles member delivers vital prescriptions across Wells on KTM 390 Duke

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A selfless member of #ride5000miles has been delivering much-needed prescriptions to vulnerable people across Wells during the Coronavirus outbreak, aboard her trusty KTM 390 Duke.

Naomi Sharp, 41, who lives in the Somerset city, began volunteering her services during the early stages of the lockdown and now delivers the important packages on an almost daily basis.

“Many of these people might not have seen anyone for three weeks,” Naomi explained. “Some have life-threatening conditions and without these prescriptions they would be in big trouble.”

Starting out by offering her services to friends, neighbours and locals enquiring on the Wells Community Notice Board Facebook page, Naomi has since gained the support of the Wells Coronavirus Network, who provide services including help with supplies, updates on local amenities, or even just a friendly phone call.

Naomi is volunteering during the Coronavirus outbreak

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Naomi now coordinates the prescription delivery arm of the project, which has six volunteers. The first time we spoke to Naomi, she had delivered an impressive 27 prescriptions herself. Around a week later the collective team had provided 87.

Although now also overseeing prescription requests, she still continues to make deliveries on her Duke, adding: “I ring the doorbell with my glove on and then take the glove off to handle the prescription.”

On top of being a fantastic way to support local people, the service has provided positive mental benefits on a personal level. Naomi continued: “When it’s sunny, it’s lovely, but the main thing I’ve found is that it just gives me a massive boost to be able to help.

“This is something I can do for others. It’s really nice to help people who are obviously really pleased to see you. It’s good for me to do it and when it’s a lovely sunny day, it’s no chore at all.”