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This week we saw a stealthy new colour option for the Bimota Tesi H2. The Carbon Edition forgoes the red and white paint scheme used on the standard bike in favour of a carbon black and exposed metal livery. The new version of the Kawasaki H2-based, hub steered Tesi will cost £59,000 in the UK when it arrives in March.

Bimota Tesi 3D - Image: PerfectPose Photography

Sticking with Bimota, a dealer here in the UK has put three Tesi 3D models on the market priced at £31,995 each. The bikes were made as part of a run of 45 Ducati-based machines powered by a 1078cc V-twin and using a typically Bimota-esque hub steering system. You also get a two-year unlimited mileage warranty included in the price, but we don’t think many of these will see tarmac in their lives.

Yamaha MT-07

Moving to something a bit more realistic, we’ve ridden the new Yamaha MT-07. Yamaha have sold quarter of a million MT models since 2013 and half of them were MT-07s, so they were unlikely to introduce any drastic changes, opting instead for a Euro5 update, some styling tweaks and new tyres.

Aprilia have officially unveiled their Tuono 660 naked middleweight, including a selection of videos showing the bike as it tears up some mountain roads. The bike will cost £9700 and use a 94bhp version of the parallel-twin engine used in the RS660 sportsbike.

Kawasaki Versys 1000 S vs BMW S1000XR

And finally, we rode the new Kawasaki Versys 1000 S back-to-back with one of its key competitors in the sporty adventure tourer market, the BMW S1000XR. The S model has become the base version of the Kawasaki this year and has taken a step up in price, too, but does that mean it can stand up to the much pricier BMW? 

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