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Balaclavas save your face from the cold, keep you cool in the warm weather and for those who use open-face lids, save you from those damn flies that decide to catapult into your face while riding.

So if you're looking for a new one, we've hand-picked a selection of balaclavas that we think are great and are a few customer-faves.

Balaclavas to suit all budgets

Moto GP BalaclavaMotoGP Balaclava

A comfortable, thermal balaclava to keep you nice and warm riding in the winter months.
This very affordable 100% cotton balaclava offers additional protection from the elements and assists with helmet fitting; keeping everything nice and tight so you can easily slip your helmet over the top.

Whilst the balaclava may seem a bit tight at first - it does stretch to fit and is well worth shelling out the cash if you’re on a budget.



Spada Base Layer BalaclavaSpada Thermal Balaclava

Another fine example of a comfortable balaclava - tight and thin enough to easily slip a helmet over and insulated enough to keep your head and neck warm on a cold winter's ride.

Like the MotoGP Balaclava, the Spada Thermal requires a bit of getting used to - yes it is tight to get on at first but it will stretch to fit and offers the necessary protection from the elements.



Alpinestars BalaclavaAlpinestars Open Face Balaclava

The Alpinestars Open Face Balaclava is a bit pricier than some of the others on the list but with good reason.

Not only does it keep your head and neck warm during a winter motorcycle ride but it’s moisture wicking technology also means that it will wick away sweat and moisture; keeping you dry and comfortable during the warmer months.

In addition the balaclava has a dual-seam construction at the top of the head - ensuring a better fit as well as an extended neck coverage, making it easy to wear under your jacket collar.



Forcefield Technical Base Layer BalaclavaForcefield Technical Base Layer Balaclava

The Forcefield Technical Base Layer Balaclava is another pricier example, however, we think it offers real value for money for what you get.

Made from BeCool fabric, a polyamide fibre with integrated airflow control, this balaclava will help to maintain body temperature whilst on your bike. The skin’s hot and humid air is pushed to the surface of the balaclava, whilst allowing for cooler air to circulate inside, making it the perfect accessory once the weather starts warming up.



Rev It Maximus BalaclavaRev'it Maximus WSB Balaclava

The most expensive balaclava on the list that boasts a number of benefits lacking in some of it’s cheaper competitors.

The Rev’It Maximum WSB Balaclava is windproof, water resistant and includes a windproof chest panel. It also has a number of features to keep you dry and comfortable whilst riding, including a moisture managing upper face-mask, open-knit panels for ears and mouth - for breathability and hearing respectively.

The balaclava comes in a variety of sizes - to fit several head sizes and thanks to it’s technology will keep you warm on cold days and cool and dry in warm weather.

An all-round great balaclava.


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