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Staying warm whilst on your bike this winter is essential and we recommend buying thermal and base layers that offer a close, snug fit as this will help trap warm air against the skin – keeping you warm in the wintery months.

In addition, look for thermal and base layers are breathable and wick away moisture easily.

So MCN have selected these five winter-worthy layers on personal preference and customer popularity from the MCN Shop.

Keis X10 Heated Body Warmer - around £104.99

Keis Heated Body WarmerThe Keis X10 Heated Body Warmer is ideal for motorcyclists who ride all-year-round. This superb body warmer will help keep you toasty-warm even in the coldest conditions.

It has 3 heated compartments – 2 chest panels and one for the lower back and kidney area. The X10 is heated using the bike’s battery or the optional Li-ion battery packs.

The body warmer can also be connected with its additional power sockets to Keis Inner or outer gloves plus boot insoles.

We highly recommend taking a look!



EDZ Men’s Undersuit - around £49.99

EDZ Men's UndersuitThis lightweight undersuit is perfect for wintery conditions – it’s excellent thermal properties will keep you snug whilst riding.

It’s quick drying capabilities means that it can be washed the night before and it will be dry by morning so you’re ready to take to the road again.

In addition, the undersuit has a number of other great qualities – including moisture wicking, helps prevent chafing and stops skin sticking to the outerlayers.

An ideal baselayer for cold conditions this winter.



Keis Heated Inner Gloves - around £59.99

Keis Heated Inner GlovesThese heated inner gloves sit nicely beneath your favourite bike gloves.

They can be powered using your motorcycle’s battery or via an optional rechargeable Li-ion battery pack.

Alternatively, they can also be connected easily to the Keis X10 heated body warmer easily via it’s additional power sockets.

Perfect accessories for keeping your hands toasty this winter.



MotoGP Balaclava - around £5.75

MotoGP BalaclavaPerfect for winter motorcycling – the MotoGP balaclava is a snug, super-comfort fit that will help keep your head and face warm whilst on the road in cold conditions.

This thermal balaclava is made from 100% cotton and in terms of quality is unbeatable value for the price. Great for affordable winter riding.



Gerbing 12V heated jacket - around £170.10

Keis Heated Inner GlovesThis heated jacket features Gerbing's stainless steel microwire heating system and has a heat output of 77 watts, making it Gerbing's hottest product.

There are plugs so you can connect Gerbing heated gloves to the jacket, or they can be tucked away when not in use.

Although the jacket is meant to be worn under your outer layer it's water-repellant and features a Thinsulate lining.



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