Smets first at Beaucaire

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Joel Smets won the 2002 pre-season motocross international at Beaucaire, France, at the weekend in front of 15,000 fans.

Jamie Dobb finished 12th overall. Here are the results:

First heat: 1.Smets (Bel, KTM) ; 2.Bartolini (Ita, Honda); 3.Bolley (Fra, Yamaha); 4.Dobb (GBR, KTM); 5.Coppins (NZL, Honda); 6.McFarlane (Aus, Kawasaki); 7.Beirer (Ger, Honda); 8.Everts (Bel, Yamaha); 9.Aubert (Fra, Yamaha); 10.Ramon (Bel, KTM 125); 11.Bervoets (Bel, Yamaha); 12.Van Drunen (Ned, Yamaha); 13.Sorby (Fra, Honda 125); 14.Letellier (Fra, KTM 125); 15.Maschio (Fra, Kawasaki 125)

Second heat: 1.Smets; 2.Bartolini; 3.Beirer; 4.Demaria (Fra, KTM); 5.Bervoets; 6.Coppins; 7.Everts; 8.McFarlane; 9.Aubert; 10.Ramon; 11.Maschio; 12.Letellier; 13.Bolley; 14.Delepierre (Fra, Kawasaki 125); 15.Dobb

Third heat : 1.Bolley; 2.Beirer; 3.Smets; 4.Demaria; 5.Coppins; 6.Bartolini; 7.McFarlane; 8.Everts; 9.Gundersen; 10.Ramon; 11.Van Drunen; 12.Sorby; 13.Freibergs (Lat, Honda); 14.Iven (Bel, KTM); 15.Delepierre

Overall (same points system as GP): 1.Smets, 66 pts ; 2.Bartolini, 50 ; 3.Beirer, 45 ; 4.Bolley, 44 ; 5.Coppins, 32 ; 6.Mc Farlane, 27 ; 7.Demaria, 26 ; 8.Everts, 25 ; 9.Ramon, 18 ; 10.Bervoets, 16 ; 11.Aubert, 14 ; 12.Dobb, 14 ; 13.Van Drunen, 9 ; 14.Sorby, 7 ; 15.Gundersen, 7

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