Carmichael makes it ten in a row

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Ricky Carmichael won both races at the Budds Creek track this weekend (June 16) to maintain his perfect record in this year’s AMA motocross series.

Carmichael has now scored five race wins and five overall wins, and there seems little anyone can do to stop him. He won the first race from Tim Ferry and Ezra Lusk and completed his double in the second race, taking the win over Mike LaRocco and Kyle Lewis.

Carmichael now leads the championship with a perfect 250 points with one third of the season completed.

In the 125cc class James Stewart did the double to regain his championship lead. His series rival, Chad Reed, was able to finish second and fourth, but this still gave away his championship lead.

With Carmichael walking away with the 250cc championship, the 125cc championship is providing the action with Stewart and Reed resuming their battle from the indoor supercross season. Read maintained consistency to take that championship, meaning that Stewart is looking for revenge. Only five points separate them, with a gap of 26 points to third place Ernesto Fonseca.

250cc AMA/Chevy Trucks U.S. Motocross Championship

1. 1-1 Ricky Carmichael, Honda. 2. 4-2 Mike LaRocco, Honda. 3. 2-4 Tim Ferry, Yamaha. 4. 5-3 Kyle Lewis, Honda. 5. 3-5 Ezra Lusk, Kawasaki. 6. 7-7 Robbie Reynard, Honda. 7. 6-8 Sebastien Tortelli, Honda.. 8. 9-10 Heath Voss,, Honda. 9. 12-9 Damien Plotts, Honda. 10. 10-14 Michael Brandes, Ca., Suzuki.

125cc AMA/Chevy Trucks U.S. Motocross Championship

1. 1-1 James Stewart, Kawasaki. 2. 2-4 Chad Reed, Yamaha. 3. 5-2 Branden Jesseman, Suzuki. 4. 7-3 Ernesto Fonseca, Honda. 5. 3-7 Brock Sellards, KTM. 6. 4-6 Buddy Antunez, Suzuki. 7. 6-8 Ben Townley, KTM. 8. 15-10 David Pingree, Honda. 9. 9-16 Troy Adams, Yamaha. 10. 30-5 Danny Smith, Middleton, Suzuki

250cc Championship standings:

1. Ricky Carmichael, Honda, 250 pts. 2. Tim Ferry, Yamaha, 196 pts. 3. Sebastien Tortelli, Honda, 181 pts. 4. Ezra Lusk, Kawasaki, 176 pts. 5. Kyle Lewis, Honda, 146 pts. 6. John Dowd, KTM, 122 pts. 7. David Vuillemin, Yamaha, 106 pts. 8. Robbie Reynard, Honda, 98 pts. 9. Sean Hamblin, Suzuki, 91 pts. 10. Heath Voss, Honda 75 pts

125cc Championship standings:

1. James Stewart, Kawasaki, 190 pts. 2. Chad Reed, Yamaha, 185 pts. 3. Ernesto Fonseca, Honda, 159 pts. 4. Danny Smith, Suzuki, 141 pts. 5. Branden Jesseman, Fombell, Suzuki 135 pts. 6. Buddy Antunez, Suzuki 106 pts. 7. Damon Huffman, Suzuki 102. 8. Matt Walker, Kawasaki, 98 pts. 9. Mike Brown, Kawasaki, 89 pts. 10. Grant Langston, KTM, 77 pts

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