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Sean Emmett: In his own words

Published: 10 June 2002

Updated: 24 November 2014

955i max: Sean can you win this year’s title?

SeanEmmett: Yeah, I'm sure I can. I mean the longer the season has gone on, even though I'm on the old bike, having done the double at Snetterton, which is one of the fastest circuits, it's filled me with more confidence than ever

Lee: Would prefer to be in WSB at this stage in your career?

SeanEmmett: Yeah, I'd love to be doing world superbikes, and that was the plan at the start of the year, to join Haga on the Aprilia. But it runs a pretty close second to be in BSB. Obviously I want to run in a championship where I'm on competitive machinery and can push for the title.

Badhair: Sean, are you bored or are they paying you to be here?

SeanEmmett: Not bored, just busy trying to get everything sorted with the motorhome and my gear ready for Brands. Getting paid is something I'm getting used to not happening!

Dukeboy: Where do you think your bike differs from the new Testastrettas?

SeanEmmett: Just really mine peaks at 115 revs, whereas the Testastretta will go over 13. But the main area I can see visibly, is that they have more acceleration than me.

Dukeboy: Do you like having family and friends at meetings with you or do they distract you?

SeanEmmett: I don't mind really. My wife and kids come, which is fine really. I like having people with me, I'm not someone who needs to go into his shell or meditate or something, so I like having family and friends with me, it's good

Black marlin: Are you disappointed that the Aprilla ride didn't come off Sean?

SeanEmmett: I was at the time, because you can see by the way Haga is going, it's a pretty competitive package. But you have to go for things, and you can't have everything in life, and I'm pretty pleased about the way it turned out. Things are going well for me in the UK, and maybe next year…

Robin: Firstly congrats for you have a road bike, and if so, what is it?

SeanEmmett: I haven't got a road bike, no...the last one was a Honda SP-1 in 2000

Steviebarry: Sean it always seems to me that you don't get the recognition you deserve. Does this bother you?

SeanEmmett: I think it used to. But I've sort of used it to give me even more drive now, to prove doubters wrong, the press and so on. So it gives me more drive, I use it in a positive way.

Tony Emmett: Any plans for a replica helmet? If not, can I have an old one of yours? ...I live in SE London, I'd even come and pick it up...all the best Tony

SeanEmmett: You should have been in the crowd at Snetterton, because I threwq one in the crowd, but at the moment I'm wearing one of the standard designs because the deal happened so late. If I win the championship, then it should happen. I'll concentrate on winning the races at the moment, but if I win the championship, then it'll happen.

955i max: Do you think you can do the double at Brands, Sean?

SeanEmmett: I think I can, yeah, after Snetterton. If I could do the double at Snetterton, i can do it anywhere. The bike is good, and the Brands GP circuit is my favourite circuit. So I really think I can.

Slowbikescom: Now you’re on fire have you got any plans to go back into GPs with Ducati?

SeanEmmett: That would be nice! But I think there's a few people ahead of me in the pecking order there! I think the next step would be for me to get into World Superbikes

Slowbikescom: Do you think you'll ever be able to wheelie further than Shakey??

SeanEmmett: I can already.

955i max: Sean what bike would you ride on the road if you were as average as me!

SeanEmmett: Um… I like the Aptilia Mille whatever it is… SP, that's a nice bike. The 996 is nice, but pretty full on. Dunno. For an all-rounder bike, the VFR 800i

Black marlin: How well do you think the 4's are going this year and when do you think they will be competitive?

SeanEmmett: I think the 4s have posed less of a threat than I had imagined, and I can't see them getting much better, because they did a hell of a lot of testing during the winter, so they're going pretty much as well as they are going to get. JR has been going pretty well on his, but I can't see them getting much better.

955i max: Sean do you get involved in track days? If so where!

SeanEmmett: I've done a couple for Steve Parrish at Thruxton, but that's all

Slowbikescom: Esher roundabout ring any bells?

SeanEmmett: Esher roundabout...yeah. I've done hundreds of laps round there, working for a magazine...know it well.

Wwow: Sean, where can I get Race Rep leathers like yours, they are the best in the series?

SeanEmmett: They're actually a standard design, Texport, so any outlet that does Texport leathers.

Steviebarry: Sean, have you ever considered the AMA series? Seems they actually pay racers proper money there!

SeanEmmett: I was talking to them, again, in the off-season when we were looking at World Superbikes and AMA. I'd like to do it. It'd be nice to race in a nice climate, it'd be like Club Tropicana! But I think I'd need to be British Champion first, as they know how strong our series is. Troy Bayliss went over there, so yeah, I'd like to do it

Black marlin: any plans or offers for next year yet?

SeanEmmett: Nothing as yet, no...It's a bit early to make plans. Offers start coming really about August, September time. I'm just concentrating on winning the title really now

Brollydolly: Sean - you're blonde - I'm blonde - wanna have a blonde moment???

SeanEmmett: *laughs* Sounds like fun.

Lee: What are your racing aspirations?

SeanEmmett: I think, you know, I've got a lot of racing left in me. I'm 32, and you look at Hizzy, or Bayliss, who's a couple of years older. I'd like to get into the World series and have a go at winning it on a competitive bike. But first, I'd like to do that on the back of winning the British title.

Brollydolly: Why no road bike?

SeanEmmett: Haven't got any money, and no-one has given me one! Well, no-ones offered anyway!

Black marlin: do you think you could beat rossi if you had the right bike?

SeanEmmett: That's hard to tell. It's hard to say. You go by the level you're at. I can beat anyone in the UK, and having raced against Bayliss. On my day, I can beat anyone in world. But against Rossi? It seems at the moment he's on top of his game. But everyone is beat-able.

Richardward: What do you regret most looking back at your career to date?

SeanEmmett: Not overtaking Alex Barros in the Argentinian GP in 1994, because of team orders.

Slowbikescom: Why not dye your hair with a st george cross for brands it would look good one the top of the podium go on do it sean I dare you Hag or your brother wouldve done it?

SeanEmmett: Oh god...It's a bit late now, unless there's a hairdressers on site. Maybe I'll get some ketchup and put it in....!

Steviebarry: Sean, if you could choose the series, the Bike and the team, which one ?

SeanEmmett: It'd be a toss up between either the factory Ducati team in WSB, or at the same time, the Honda V5 in MotoGP. But I prefer the WSB series, because the GP's are a bit of a ghost town at night.

Richardward: Sean, I’ve done a few track days at Brands on the Indy circuit whats the best bit of advise you can give me to improve my lap times?

SeanEmmett: I think the one thing is just carrying a lot of speed down the hill at paddock hill, first turn. That's probably the key to the Indy circuit.

Wwow: Will you switch to 4stroke next year like JR, as they are now competitive?

SeanEmmett: Well, on the current performance, I'd rather stay on the twin. But just go with whatever is the most competitive bike. I do enjoy riding a 4, I haven't ridden one for years. But I enjoy winning more, so it's whichever bike helps me to do that.

Richardward: You say GP's are a ghost town at night, what’s the atmosphere like in the pits on a Sunday night? Do you all have a few beers together and chat about the racing??

SeanEmmett: I do! But generally, it depends on the personality of the rider. Certainly they are pretty friendly in the British series. But you find people seem to keep to themselves more in GPs. Maybe because there's so much more media attention and hassle

Wwow: Is there a glamour side to the BSB series that we dont see on telly?

SeanEmmett: Um... I think what you see on telly is about as glamourous as it gets. If there is a more glamourous side....please tell me about it!!!

Fat bunny: how did you manage to afford to start racing on the low wages of a dispatch rider?

SeanEmmett: Because my bike only cost 1300 pounds to buy. I shared a transit van with my brother that cost 800, and leathers were 250. And it wasn't too bad because I was still living at home then.

Richardward: You're offered one million pounds or the most competitive bike and team for one season, which do you chose?

SeanEmmett: Wow. Erm. Depends what stage of my career! If I was 39 or 40 I'd take the million. But at the moment, I've got a lot of goals I'd want to achieve, so I'd rather be on a competitive bike.

Richardward: Who's a hell raiser in the pits and who’s a pussy cat??

SeanEmmett: Hellraiser...In the British Series?...I don't know...there's no-one that really stands out... No, I don't really know... John Reynolds tends to keep himself to himself at races...though he can party when he wants to. Kirk McCarthy was always good for a party.

Steviebarry: Sean how important is beating your team mate ?

SeanEmmett: I think that's the crucial thing in any sport. You want to first and foremost beat your team-mate, then be the best on the particular machinery/tyres you're on. But beating your team-mate always comes first.

Richardward: Does Shakey still nick cars? has he tried to pinch yours?

SeanEmmett: I dunno. He hasn't tried pinching mine anyway.

Badhair: I understand that the fours are restricted in the BSB series, do you think de-restricting them would make them too good?

SeanEmmett: I don't think they are restricted much in our series. They're certainly producing more power than the twins. But it's not about having more and more power, it's about how you put it down. So I don't think power is the key to things

Slowbikescom: Do you miss riding where no body knows you and you can just get away from it all like Box hill,Chelsea brige, Heston etc

SeanEmmett: In a way yeah. It was good fun when I was young, like teenagers. But unfortunately the police soon get to know you, and that isn't much fun. I prefer picking up points in a championship rather than on my licence.

Steviebarry: Whats the daftest things you've done on the road bike ?

SeanEmmett: Ooooh. The daftest thing... I flipped my 125 once at Heston services, after Chelsea Bridge, and probably doing big jumps over a humpback bridge on a CBR600. Not recommended!

SeanEmmett: Thanks for all your questions, but I better get the motorhome sorted. But I'll make sure I do this again to answer the questions I missed. Cheers and wish me good luck for Brands.

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