Langston rules Bercy

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Grant Langston is the King of Bercy, winning the new format, 125cc event with a win on the final day. This combined with two second places on the previous days to give him the crown from Chris Gosselaar.

It was Langston’s first major victory since the 2001 AMA season, and came after a heavy crash in practice. The South African misjudged the whoops section of the track, getting struck by his own bike in the process. Despite this, he claimed the lap record, leading from the second lap.

Behind Langston, the next seven overall places went to Americans, gifting them the team trophy. The ‘Rest of the World’ finished second, with France third.

Bercy has changed its format in this, its 20th year. It now focuses on the 125cc class with three qualifying races, two last chances and one main event.

King of Bercy final standings:

1: Langston (RSA). 2: Gosselaar (USA). 3: Preston (USA). 4: Hansen (USA). 5: Laninovich (USA). 6: Sellards (USA). 7: Tedesco (USA) 8: Short (USA) 9: Rodrigues (POR). 10: Thain (FRA). 11: Torronteras (ESP). 12: Boniface (FRA). 13: Sorby (FRA). 14: Andersson (AUS). 15: Demartis (FRA).

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