Byrne does double at Thruxton

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Shane Byrne continued his dominant form in British Superbikes with a double victory at Thruxton.

Race One:

Byrne won the first race from reigning champion Steve Hislop. Byrne, on the Monster Mob Ducati eventually crossed the line almost 5 seconds ahead of Hislop, with Michael Rutter finishing third. Fourth was Glen Richards on the Hawk Kawasaki, from Steve Plater, Sean Emmett, Gary Mason, and Mark Heckles.

1) Byrne. 2) Hislop. 3) Rutter. 4) Richards. 5) Plater. 6) Emmett. 7) Mason. 8) Heckles. 9) Kagayama. 10) Crawford. 11) Jackson. 12) Reynolds. 13) Smart. 14) Young. 15) Williamson. 16) Walker. 17) Jones. 18) Cray.

DNF: Medd. Ellison. Kirkham.

Race Two:

The second race ended with Steve Hislop missing from the top four. His absence meant that Michael Rutter moved up to take second, with Glen Richards claiming the final podium place. Steve Plater found himself in fourth, ahead of Hislop, and Yamaha teammate Gary Mason. Emmett took seventh, Heckles eighth, Kagayama ninth, and Dean Ellison finished in tenth.

John Reynolds finished a bad weekend with a DNF in the second race, to follow his twelfth place in race one.

1) Byrne. 2) Rutter. 3) Richards. 4) Plater. 5) Hislop. 6) Mason. 7) Emmett. 8) Heckles. 9) Kagayama. 10) Ellison. 11) Smart. 12) Jackson. 13) Crawford. 14) Williamson. 15) Young. 16) Walker. 17) Jones. 18) Medd.

DNF: Reynolds. Kirkham.

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