Carmichael takes first win in 2003

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Ricky Carmichael has returned to his 2002 form, winning his first event of the year at Edison International Field in Anaheim.

The event was round five of the THQ World Supercross GP series, and round three of the AMA series. James Stewart also had something to celebrate after taking his first win at the track.

Carmichael needed to push hard to take the win. In practice he had fallen, and in his heat race he was beaten by Sebastien Tortelli. However, in the main event, Carmichael led from the first turn. Sebastien Tortelli attempted a challenge, staying with the leader until the halfway point.

The eventual order was 1) Carmichael. 2) LaRocco. 3) Tortelli. 4) Lusk. 5) Ferry. 6) Reed. 7) Byrne. 8) Vuillemin. 9) Wey. 10) Mike Brown.

James Stewart had an easier time, grabbing the lead early on, and increasing it by at least a second every lap. Second was Suzuki’s Andrew Short, followed by KTM’s Billy Laninovich.

1) Stewart. 2) Short. 3) Laninovich. 4) Gosselaar. 5) Woods. 6) Preston. 7) Smith. 8) Walker. 9) Sorby. 10) Lacey.

250cc AMA Championship standings:

1) Carmichael. 2) Reed. 3) Lusk. 4) Ferry. 5) Tortelli. 6) Vuillemin. 7) LaRocco. 8) Fonseca. 9) Roncada. 10) Tedesco.

250cc World Championship standings:

1) Reed. 2) Vuillemin. 3) Ferry. 4) Tortelli. 5) laRocco. 6) Langston. 7) Clark. 8) Huffman. 9) Johnson. 10) Voss.

125cc AMA Western standings:

1) Stewart. 2) Preston. 3) Short. 4) Smith. 5) Laninovich. 6) Gosselaar. 7) Walker. 8) Hamblin. 9) Johnson. 10) Anderson.

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