Supermoto season finale

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There are three new British Champions, two victorious manufacturers and two extremely happy privateers after the final round of the British Supermoto championship.

Northern Irishman, David Tougher is the new Open Class British Supermoto Champion after piloting his Italian TM machine to a fifth place in the first leg at Lydd. This proved to be fortunate as the newly crowned Champion crashed out of fifth place in the second leg while hunting down the leaders. Second place in the title hunt went to Bracken KTM’s Matt Winstanley while third belonged to Husqvarna’s Christian Iddon.

In the 450 class, the racing at Lydd was about securing the lower orders as Matt Winstanley had already stitched up the title at the previous round. After some furious racing between Iddon and Winstanley on the day, Iddon clinched third place leaving second to be cemented by Honda’s Leighton Haigh.

As usual the KTM Junior Cup kids were causing fireworks with some fast and furious riding by the top six. In fact, with times dipping into the 1m 10s they’d have managed to put half the field’s nose out of joint in the 450 class, despite conceding 250cc and running on Bridgestone street tyres. Cumbria’s 16 year-old Chris Hodgson did what was required of him with a strong third place in leg one to clinch the title but not before George Clements proved a point with a win. Hodgson may have walked off with the brand new KTM 200SX prize bike but it’s obvious from their awesome talent that Sam Chapman – another winner on the day , George Clements, Aaron Holmes, Merilyr Evans and Lewis Bridger are definitely names to remember for the future.

450 race one: 1) Matt Winstanley, KTM. 2) Christian Iddon, Husqvarna. 3) Leighton Haigh, Honda. 4) Johno White, Honda. 5) Nigel Scott, Honda. 6) John Hilton, Honda.

450 race two: 1) Christian Iddon, Husqvarna. 2) Matt Winstanley, KTM. 3) Leighton Haigh, Honda. 4) Johno White, Honda. 5) Ady Smith, KTM. 6) Nigel Scott, Honda.

KTM Juniors race one: 1) George Clements. 2) Sam Chapman. 3) Chris Hodgson. 4) Lewis Bridger. 5) Merilyr Evans. 6) Aaron Holmes.

KTM Juniors race two: 1) Sam Chapman. 2) George Clements. 3) Lewis Bridger. 4) Chris Hodgson. 5) Aaron Holmes. 6) Merilyr Evans.

Open race one: 1) Matt Winstanley, KTM. 2) Christian Iddon, Husqvarna. 3) Sam Warren, Husaberg. 4) Robert Cross, Husaberg. 5) David Tougher, TM. 6) David Dunn, Husaberg.

Open race two: 1) Matt Winstanley KTM. 2) Ady Smith KTM. 3) Christian Iddon Husqvarna. 4) Sam Warren Husaberg. 5) Robert Cross Husaberg. 6) David Dunn Husaberg.

Championship points

450: Winstanley 364 Haigh 284 Iddon 270 Smith 235 Kinsella 188 White 187

Open: Tougher 274 Winstanley 270 Iddon 256 Smith 244 Cross 231 Mitchell 211

KTM Juniors: Hodgson 338 Clements 310 Chapman 309 Griffiths 263 Holmes 240 Evans 237

Privateers 450: White 151 Hilton 129 Pope 146. Privateers Open: Hilton 83 Simpson 76 Smithson 61

Manufacturers 450: Honda 1609 KTM 832 Husqvarna 336. Manufacturers Open: KTM 733 Husaberg 671 Husqvarna 608

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