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There’s more chances to go and experience drag racing in 2006, as the Straightliners Series expands.

All you need to compete is a bike and suitable protective clothing, meaning that standard road bikes can compete along with hand-built machines running special fuel and tyres.

Two venues have now been added, with Shakespeare County Raceway and Santa Pod, plus a new “Pro Series”, heald at five venues, and featuring the best in modified drag bikes.

Straightliners championship dates 2006:

Rd1 March 26. Elvington.

Rd2 April 15/16/17. Shakespeare County Raceway.

Rd3 April 23. Elvington.

Rd4 May 6/7. Santa Pod.

Rd5 May 28. East Kirby.

Rd6 June 18. Elvington.

Rd7 June 25. East Kirby.

Rd8 July 22/23. Jurby, Isle of Man.

Rd9 August 6, East Kirby.

Rd10 August 13. Elvington.

Rd11 September 16/17. Santa Pod.

Rd12 October 8. Elvington.

Straightliners Pro Series 2006:

Rd1 April 16/17 Shakespeare County Raceway.

Rd2 May 7 Santa Pod.

Rd3 June 18. Elvington.

Rd4 August 13. Elvington.

Rd5 September 16/17. Santa Pod.

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