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After missing much of the 2004 AMA Supercross Series due to injury, legend Ricky Carmichael returns this year as the most successful rider ever. In eight years of professional racing Carmichael has never lost a title defence.

Before his return at the Anaheim round in California on Staurday, January 8, he spoke to Suzuki Racing about what will be his toughest season against probably the most talented entry list in the history of the series.

How does the Suzuki RM250 you're riding compare to the Honda CR250 you raced?

RC: The two main differences are the steel chassis on the Suzuki and the engine design, which is totally different. The Honda has a case reed intake while the Suzuki uses a cylinder reed intake so it creates a lot of low-end power. It's one of the best, if not the best engine out there. It's a great bike for sure.

How about the chassis? Are you getting that set up to your preference?

RC: Yeah, I'm happy with it. I haven't changed much through the Canadian rounds or since I've been home practicing. I'm having no problems with it.

Are you planning on moving to the four-stroke in motocross.

RC: Yeah, I'll be competing on the RM-Z450. Sebastien Tortelli's been testing it and said he's really pleased with the bike.

Do you see yourself racing the 450 at all in Supercross?

RC: Not really. I think my bike is good enough and all my competition will be on two-strokes with the exception of a couple of people. I still think the two-stroke has the upper hand in Supercross.

You seem to thrive on challenges. You were the first to complete a perfect season, the first to get 100 wins, you came back from knee surgery and had another perfect season. How does the challenge of bring Suzuki an AMA Supercross title compare the the challenges you've faced in the past?

RC: It's a challenge I'm looking forward to. At this point in my career I'm looking for something new. I'm on schedule with the training and I think I'm the best I've ever been as a ride. And Suzuki's done the same with the bike.

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