Coppins wins Sun City MX

Published: 15 July 2005

Josh Coppins took his second successive overall Motocross victory at Round 11 at Sun City on Sunday, July 17, 2005.

The Grand Prix of South africa saw Coppins take on reigning champion Stefan Everts in the first Moto and triumph, before taking advantage of a bizarre last lap mishap from the Belgium in the second race.

The MX1 first race saw Everts start well from pole position, ending the first lap in third place and passing Coppins and KTM's Ben Townley. Everts held the lead despite a resurgent Coppins, and just two seconds seperated the pair for the entire race. Eventually Coppins was able to push his way past with two laps to go, taking a win by 1.223 seconds. KTM's Steve Ramon took third, with Townley fourth after a fall.

The second race should have seen a win for Everts as he dominated with a 10 seconds lead until the last lap. Incredibly the multiple world champion fell whilst acknowledging the crowd, damaging his brake lever, and allowing Coopins to catch and pass to take the second race victory and the overall win. Steve Ramon again took third.

Britain's Paul Cooper took sixth in the first race, but failed to make the finish in the second Moto. james Noble took a ninth and a 12th, while Mark Hucklebridge took 17th and 13th.

The overall MX2 win went to KTM's David Philippaerts who had to give up first place in the first race to young Frenchman Anthony Boissierre, with Britains's Billy Mackenzie third.

The second MX2 race saw Philipaerts chellenge holeshot rider Davide Guarneri, as Boissierre crashed out on the first lap to finish down in 15th place at the flag. Philipaerts was able to just pip Antonio Cairoli by 0.540, with Bill Mackenzie again taking the third step of the podium.

other MX2 Brits were Carl Nunn with 12th and 16th, and J Dougan with 16th and 11th.

MX1 Championship standings:

1. Everts 455.

2. Coppins 416.

3. Townley 368.

4. Smets 349.

5. ramon 304.

6 Pichon 299.

7. Leuret 211.

8. Noble (GBR) 210.

9. Barragan 197.

10. Jorgensen 188.

17 Cooper (GBR) 135.

19. Hucklebridge (GBR) 85.

MX2 Championship standings:

1. McFralane 378.

2. Chairoli 354.

3. Chiodi.

4. Philippaerts 305.

5. Melotte 284.

6. Sword (GBR) 262.

7. MacKenzie (GBR) 228.

8. Nunn (GBR) 212.

9. Goncalves 207.

10 Pourcel 199.

17. Church (GBR) 122.