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The Dunlop Ultimate Biker competition, which sees three finalists race in the Moto1 event in October against top British motorcycle racers, got underway with two days in Wales.

Over 1000 entries were whittled down to 24 competitors who journeyed to Wales for the opening stage at the Yamaha Off-Road centre. Run by ten-time British Enduro champion Geraint Jones, the riders were split into two groups and sent out on a very arduous route to test their dirt riding skills.

The groups were also given instruction on technique, tested on their mechanical aptitude, and given their run of a purpose-built motocross track. When all of the exhausting day had ended, the final part of the day was a personal interview to see how intense media questioning might faze the eventual finalists.

At the end of the first day, Gavin Greathead and Eliot Forsey were tied for the lead, which was settled by a five-question tie-break at dinner. Greathead was the eventual winner of the first day.

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For the second stage of the competition the riders were expected to adapt from the previous 24 hours of off-road riding to the different challenge of the Harley-Davidson Rider’s Edge Academy.

The tests included written theory, low speed control and mechanic lessons on various Harley bikes.

Split into four groups, the riders were also judged on a road cruise in convoy, before moving onto a seperate test. This was operated by lancashire Air Amublance as riders were put in a ‘first rider on the scene’ mock accident. The candidates were judged and marked on their reaction, response and general handling of the scene including a live telephone call to the Ambulance HQ.

The road cruise aspect constsed of one hour on mixed roads on a mix of V Rods, Buells and Harley Fat Boys. The top rider of the day was judged to be Peter Eaton.

But it’s consistency across the disciplines which will give the best results, and already Eliot Forsey has put himself into overall lead of the competition.

Stages three and four take place at the Institute of Advanced Motorists on August 21, and California Superbike School on August 22, 2005.

To see more about Ultimate Biker, and read profiles and interviews with each of the 24 finalists, click here.

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