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An ACU Court of Enquiry into the participation of two disabled riders at the 2005 Weston Beach race has resulted in fines for the Secretary of the meeting and the Clerk of the Course.

The riders, Mr P Rowlands and Miss Laurie Squirrel, took part in the race on Saturday, October 1, 2005. The conclusions and penalties are produced below:

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1. The paperwork for the event did not comply with the National Sporting Code (NSC).
2. The entry forms used were not of the approved style.
3. Miss Squirrel and Mr Rowlands were aided and abetted by persons determined to breach the rules.
4. When Miss Squirrel was found to be riding in the race on Saturday, the Clerk of the Course failed to order her removal from the course thereby putting others at risk.
5. Distribution of Supplementary Regulations and Entry Form prior to the issue of the Permit is unacceptable.
6. The Court felt the announcement by Mr Roy Humphrey, Chairman of the ACU Motocross Committee, that no action would be taken against Miss Squirrel and Mr Rowlands had compromised the position of the ACU.
1. We find Mr Gary Ford, Secretary of the Meeting negligent in that he failed to ensure Entry Forms for the event were in the approved style and upon request he could not produce a Signed Form from Miss Squirrel neither did he obtain any Entry Form from Mr Rowlands.
We also find that the one-day licence application from Miss Squirrel was not correctly signed.
In view of the above and the failure to ensure the Programme and Supplementary Regulations were in accordance with the National Sporting Code, the Court decided that Mr Ford was in breach of NSC 6.03 and therefore imposed a fine of £250 plus 50% costs.
2. We find Mr Roy Barton as Clerk of the Course in breach of NSC 6.02.1 and impose a fine of £500 plus 50% costs.

The press release does claim that the ACU are actively investigating means of licensing disabled riders in order to legitmately participate in motorcycle sport.

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