Trials school for novices

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You can see footgae of MCN’s intrepid MCN Live editor Dave Rawlings and reporter Rob Hull tackling a new trials school aimed at novices.

The school has been introduced by the same people who introduced the ‘I want to wheelie’ school. A maximum of six pupils take part in one session, which is located in woodland near Milton Keynes.

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Organisers Paul and Darren began by teaching balance, wheelies over logs and hill climbing. And Rawlings was impressed:

“The highlight is climbing the widow maker. Well, i tried to climb it, but stalled and nearly chucked the bike back down the hill. I’d only ever gone off-road by taking a corner too fast, but this course was great fun, and also taught me about balance and handling of road bikes as well as off-road. I’ve well and truly caught the off-road bug, and I’m looking for second-hand trials bikes”

The Novice Trials school coss £135. Contact: 07786-635796 or 07791 180539.

MCN Staff

By MCN Staff