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Stefan Everts has continued his unbeaten run in this year’s world MX championship with two more wins at the British Grand Prix in Matterly Basin.

The Belgian rider admitted this was his toughest event so far after having to come back from a crash in the second race.

He crashed on the fifth lap but nine laps later he was back in the lead and kept it to the flag.

“I hit a rock with my frame, the back wheel came out of the rut and I slid out. Josh passed me immediately but I was aggressive and got him back quickly. I was chasing Tanel but I was having a hard time around the first part of the track because it was so fast and the roosts coming up from all the dust made it difficult to see the lines.

“I made my way through one by one and then pushed quite hard to have a small gap after a few laps. I managed to bring my Yamaha to the chequered flag first and again I am very happy. After the small crash it made a good show for the fans and I was pleased with how I could still take the race.”

Race 1: 20 Laps

S. Everts Yamaha BEL 41′ 8.529

K. De Dycker Honda BEL +4.816

J. Coppins Honda NZL +5.293

K. Strijbos Suzuki BEL +6.436

C. Melotte Yamaha BEL +16.789

T. Leok Kawasaki EST +20.713

G. Crockard Honda GBR +26.176

J. Garcia Vico Honda ESP +28.827

P. Leuret Honda FRA +37.045

J. Bill Yamaha GBR +43.021

J. Noble Honda GBR +50.363

J. Barragan KTM ESP +1′ 9.842

M. Jones Honda GBR +1′ 12.970

S. Ramon Suzuki BEL +1′ 18.796

M. Priem Yamaha BEL +1′ 20.067

D. Theybers Suzuki BEL +1′ 22.208

L. Freibergs Suzuki LVA +1′ 22.777

A. Pyrhonen TM FIN +1′ 28.109

C. Federici Kawasaki ITA +1′ 31.970

N. Bradshaw Suzuki GBR +1′ 36.825

Race 2: 19 Laps

S. Everts Yamaha BEL 39′ 21.708

K. Strijbos Suzuki BEL +3.372

S. Ramon Suzuki BEL +15.875

T. Leok Kawasaki EST +37.671

J. Coppins Honda NZL +45.447

J. Barragan KTM ESP +50.676

K. De Dycker Honda BEL +56.471

C. Melotte Yamaha BEL +59.626

M. Van Daele Honda BEL +1′ 3.592

J. Garcia Vico Honda ESP +1′ 8.873

M. Priem Yamaha BEL +1′ 11.660

J. Noble Honda GBR +1′ 21.470

J. Bill Yamaha GBR +1′ 23.626

C. Federici Kawasaki ITA +1′ 28.325

N. Bradshaw Suzuki GBR +1′ 36.628

M. Jones Honda GBR +1′ 41.671

J. Lindhe KTM SWE +1′ 46.492

A. Salvini Suzuki ITA +1′ 54.806

A. Bobkovs Honda LVA +2′ 1.915

B. Verhoeven Kawasaki NED +2′ 3.758

Championship standings MX1

Stefan Everts Yamaha BEL 392

Kevin Strijbos Suzuki BEL 293

Tanel Leok Kawasaki EST 278

Ken De Dycker Honda BEL 267

Steve Ramon Suzuki BEL 254

Jonathan Barragan KTM ESP 190

Pascal Leuret Honda FRA 159

Cedric Melotte Yamaha BEL 147

Javier Garcia Vico Honda ESP 139

Manuel Priem Yamaha BEL 136

Julien Bill Yamaha GBR 126

Marvin Van Daele Honda BEL 120

Brian Jorgensen Honda DNK 120

James Noble Honda GBR 108

Sebastien Tortelli KTM FRA 99

Antti Pyrhonen TM FIN 94

Danny Theybers Suzuki BEL 78

Gordon Crockard Honda GBR 54

Alex Salvini Suzuki ITA 50

Wyatt Avis KTM RSA 46

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