Carmichael closes on title

James Stewart took the win at the Detroit round of the AMA Supercross championship, but it was Ricky Carmichael who extended his lead in the title race.

Carmichael and Suzuki team-mate Ivan Tedeso both fought back from bad starts to take second and fourth in the main final. Third place went to Chad Reed.

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"I got to pass Chad Reed twice and we were playing cat-and-mouse," said Carmichael. "Then I got tangled with a lapper and almost crashed. I was bummed because I really felt like we had the speed tonight to battle for the lead. As far as second place goes, I’m a little disapiointed in my starts and I’m going to have to work on those."

In the Lites class, Josh Grant took the win from Davi Millsaps and Chris Gosselaar. Millsaps heads the championship on 141 points from grant on 119 and Gosselaar on 114.

AMA Supercross Main Event:

1. James Stewart (Kawasaki)

2. Ricky carmichael (Suzuki)

3. Chad Reed (Yamaha)

4. Ivan Tedesco (Suzuki)

5. Nick Wey (Honda).

6. Michael Byrne (Kawasaki)

7. Ryan Clark (Honda).

8. Billy Laninovich (Honda).

9. Tim Ferry (Honda).

10. Jason Thomas (Honda).

AMA Supercross points: 1. Carmichael 259. 2. Reed 249. 3. Stewart 239. 4. Tedesco 194. 5. Wey 185. 6. Byrne 181. 7. Preston 146. 8. Fonseca 125. 9. LaRocco 108. 10. Ferry 96.

World Supercross points: 1. Carmichael 286. 2. Stewart 283. 3. Reed 267. 4. Tedesco 227. 5. Wey 215. 6. Byrne 209. 7. Gibson 151. 8. Thomas 147. 9. Clark 134. 10. Evans 116.

MCN Staff

By MCN Staff