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Ricky Carmichael took his third consecutive win in AMA Supercross at Daytona Beach in Florida on Friday, March 10, 2006. The victory puts him back at the top of the AMA title challenge, and is his sixth win of the season. It also makes him the first Suzuki rider to win at Daytona since 1981. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thinking about an off-roader? Click here. Ready to buy a bike? Click here. Find off-road kit. Click here. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Carmichael was running in second in the main event when he was able to benefit from mistakes by his rivals to take the lead and build a comfortable gap, leading by more than 30 seconds at the chequered flag.

Daytona results:

1. Ricky Carmichael (Suzuki).

2. Chad Reed (Yamaha).

3. Michael Byrne (Kawasaki).

4. Travis Preston (Honda).

5. Nick Wey (Honda).

6. James Stewart (Kawasaki)

7. Ivan Tedesco (Suzuki)

8. Tim Ferry (Honda)

9. Billy Laninovich (Honda)

10. Heath Voss (Yamaha)

AMA Supercross points: 1. Carmichael 215. 2. Reed 213. 3. Stewart 189. 4. Tedesco 158. 5. Byrne 152. 6. Wey 149. 7. Fonseca 125. 8. Preston 121. 9. LaRocco 108. 10. Clark 76.

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