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New tyres were put on and everything was double checked to make sure it was all still ok for the restart and more fuel was put in. Then it was back out on the grid for the second start, this time with more luck.

The whole garage was on edge as James flew through the pack to take his first podium and the tension that had been present throughout the weekend suddenly lifted.

After the race James had a debrief with the crew in case he wanted to make any changes to the bike but everyone was happy and the bike was left as it was.

But the mechanics still had a lot of work to do with the clutch and brake pads needing changing and every single nut and bolt on the bike cleaned and checked to make sure it would survive another 28 laps of punishment.

I’ll bring you another update after the second race

Wow. That pretty much sums it up. Standing on the grid next to James Toseland just before he’s about to take two third places at Silverstone World Superbikes.

I’ve spent the weekend working with James and the Ten Kate team at Silverstone but the highlight was definitely getting to stand on the track waiting for the final call to get out the way so they can start the race.

I felt so important being able to walk through the gates and stand shoulder to shoulder with some of the world’s best riders even though my only job was to pull the trolley with the spare wheel and tyre warmer setup.

Then watching the race stood next to team boss Ronald Ten Kate cheering on ‘my’ guy and hoping he made it through the first corner madness that brought out the red flags.

As soon as the safety car flew down pit lane the garage went in to a frenzy, the bike would have to be re-prepped for the restart and there wouldn’t be much time so it was all hands on deck with bystanders rushed out the way to make room for the bike and James.

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