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I’ve just spent the morning with James Toseland’s team in the Winston Ten Kate garage and a very wet slow morning it was.

The rain started as the supersport practice session went out and Ten Kate riders Sebastien Charpentier and Kenan Sofuoglu put in a few laps but by the time the Superbike session got under way it was torrential.

James and Karl both came to the garage dressed up and ready to go and the bikes were prepped for the wet but watching the few riders who went out on track you could see massive puddles all round and the team made the decision not to bother.

Ronald Ten Kate, team manager, explained they had a basic wet setup from Friday so they wouldn’t gain anything from going out for a practice session and could risk damaging the bike if it was crashed. It is better to wait until qualifying this afternoon.

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James crashed in Friday’s practice and got his foot caught between the swing arm and the seat but despite a limp he’s ok. He joked that he can’t complain about it hurting or the mechanics will just laugh at him and call him soft.

Highlight of the morning came when Fonsi Nieto crashed his Kawasaki. Sounds harsh but it was what happened afterwards that had the whole garage in fits of laughter as we watched it on the screens.

The marshals helped him pick up the bike then tried to bump start it, but the track was so slippery it wouldn’t go. They gave up and started to walk off so Nieto threw a strop, stamping and shouting. He called them back to try again but just as they got to the bike he let it go and stormed off to walk back to the pits in a huff.

I’ll bring you more news later this afternoon. Everyone is hoping for a dry qualifying session but judging from the way it’s still pouring down I’m not holding out much hope.

MCN Staff

By MCN Staff