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I’ve never seen a spanner move so fast. Time was running out for the session so speed was essential, but the mechanic’s hands were moving so fast they were almost a blur and it sounded like he was using an air gun. The tyre was out and changed and James was out the door in under 30 seconds.

The tyre choice didn’t go down at all well though with James and he came straight back in to switch back and finished the rest of the session on the old tyre.
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There were only a few minutes to take stock before the superpole session but the garage was a mine of activity with all of James’s input and the data being downloaded from the bike to work out exactly what changes needed to be made to give them a good chance at pole.

James took three attempts at setting a superpole lap but every time he came in the mood got darker in the box. He was struggling for grip in the changing conditions and on his last try at a fast lap Troy Corser was on a slow lap and got in the way.

James will have a bit of work to do tomorrow starting from 14th but the session wasn’t a complete washout with team-mate Karl Muggeridge qualifying in eighth and Brit wildcard Tommy Hill taking a surprise pole.

I’ll bring you more updates from the Ten Kate pit throughout Sunday.

Well it never did dry up for the afternoon session at Silverstone so James Toseland and Karl Muggeridge had to go out to get a setup for what was guaranteed a wet superpole session.

I’ve been with the Ten Kate team all day and the morning was very slow with neither rider going out in the first session. But I saw the pace of life change massively when it was time for the afternoon free practice.

James had qualified fifth on Friday but it was clear that Superpole was going to be run in wet conditions so he had to go out and make sure he had a good setup to make the most of the 12 laps he was allowed under the wet rules.

The practice was frantic with changes taking place on the bike minute to minute. James went out and was back within three laps to change the suspension. A few adjustments were made and he was back out.

He was back in again with 13 laps under his belt and the suspension changes were going in the right direction on the front but the rear was still causing problems.

A few more settings were changed and just before he went back out the Pirelli tyre expert suggested trying a different tyre.

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