New Irish road race

A new Irish road race takes place on Saturday June 24, 2006 with the Donelly Group Bush Road Races taking place at the Bush circuit just outside Dungannon in Northern Ireland.

Riders already confirmed include Dungannon’s Ryan Farquhar, John Burrows, Manfred Vogal and Dave Browne for the nine race programme, which inlcudes 125s, Junior Support 201-400cc, Senior Support 401-750cc, 250-400cc, 600 cc, an Open race, and a main Race up to 1010cc. There’s also two Classic races for 350-500cc and 500-1010cc.

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Race week begins on Tuesday June 20, with a walk and treasure hunt. There’s a classic run and barbecue on Thursday June 22, practice day on Friday June 23, and race day is Saturday june 24, 2006.

MCN Staff

By MCN Staff