WSB: Silverstone results

World Superbikes race two:

1. Bayliss.

2. Haga.

3. Toseland.

4. Pitt.

5. Barros.

6. Corser.

7. Xaus.

8. Walker.

9. Muggeridge.

10. Nieto.

11. Hill.

12. Abe.

13. Kagayama.

14. Laconi.

15. Fabrizio.

16. lanzi.

17. Nannelli.

18. Brookes.

19. Rolfo.

20. Clementi.

DNF: Foret, Martin. DNS: Jones.

Lap by lap report:

Final lap results: Bayliss, Haga, Toseland, Pitt, Barros, Corser, Xaus, Walker, Muggeridge, Nieto, Hill, Abe, Kagayama, Laconi, Fabrizio, Lanzi, Nannelli, Brookes, Rolfo, Clementi.

Lap 27: Corser passes Xaus to take sixth.

Lap 26: Corser eventually passes Walker at the second attempt, to take seventh.

Lap 25: The order stays the same with three laps to go.

Lap 24: Bayliss, Haga, Toseland, Pitt, Barros, Xaus, Walker, Corser, Muggeridge, Nieto, Hill, Laconi.

Lap 23: Xaus passes Walker for sixth.

Lap 22: Bayliss, Haga, Toseland, Pitt, Barros, Walker, Xaus, corser, Muggeridge, Nieto, Hill, Laconi.

Lap 21: Walker fends off two attacks by Xaus, with the Spaniard outbraking himself on the second attempt. Hill passes Laconi to take 11th.

Lap 20: Barros pulls a small gap as Xaus closes on Walker. At the front Bayliss grows his lead over Haga. Toseland maintains his gap over Pitt.

Lap 19: Barros passes Walker for fifth, with Xaus and Corser just behind.

Lap 18: Bayliss and Haga lead, with Toseland and Pitt battling for third. The next group includes Walker, Barros, Corser and now Xaus. Xaus passes Corser for seventh. Gimbert retires.

Lap 17: Haga, Bayliss, Toseland, Pitt. Barros passes Walker momentarily, but the Brit keeps his place, as Bayliss passes Haga for the lead.

Lap 16: Haga moves into the lead. Foret retires on the Suzuki. Barros passes corser for sixth.

Lap 15: Bayliss, Haga, Toseland, Pitt, Walker, Corser, Barros, Xaus. Neukirchner pulls into the pits, joining Steve Martin, Iannuzzo and Craig Jones.

Lap 14: Nieto demotes Hill to 12th. Barros closes on Corser, Pitt and Walker. Haga continues to challenge Bayliss at the front. Pitt passes Walker to move into fourth.

Lap 13: Bayliss, Haga, Toseland, Walker, Pitt, Corser, Barros, Xaus Muggeridge, Laconi, Hill.

Lap 12: Bayliss leads Haga. Toseland up to third place into the hairpin.

Lap 11: Toseland passed Corser for fourth.

Lap 10: Bayliss and haga pull clear. Walker, Corser, Toseland and Pitt are in an eight-wheeled battle for third. Behind them is a fight between Muggeridge, Xaus and Barros. Laconi passes Hill for 10th. Toseland passes Corser and Walker but outbrakes himself and drops back into fifth.

Lap five: Bayliss passes Walker at the start of the lap, then slips past Haga at the end of the circuit. Andrew Pitt passes Karl Muggeridge, while Alex Barros closes on Ruben Xaus in eighth. Tommy Hill drops to 10th. New lap record for Bayliss with 1:26.299.

Lap four: Haga has a slight gap to the battling pair of Walker and Bayliss. Corser and Toseland are closing on the second-place battle, with Muggeridge and Pitt also running fast paces. Xaus moves past Hill into eighth place.

Lap three: Haga and Walker swap places, with Walker holding the lead until Bridge corner, when Haga holds the lead. But Bayliss finds Walker too tough to pass as they end the lap side by side. Corser is up to fourth, Toseland fifth, Muggeridge sixth and Hill down to seventh. the pace is already quicker than the first race.

Lap two: Walker, Bayliss and Haga have pulled a slight gap as they battle for the first three places. Hill still holds fourth from Corser, Toseland and Muggeridge.

Lap one: Walker leads from the start, from Bayliss, Haga, Hill, Corser, Muggeridge, Toseland and Xaus.

World Superbikes race one results:

1 Bayliss T. 40’49.894

2 Haga N. 40’50.784

3 Toseland J. 40’51.599

4 Xaus R. 40’58.179

5 Pitt A. 41’02.197

6 Walker C. 41’13.610

7 Laconi R. 41’15.377

8 Muggeridge K. 41’15.943

9 Barros A. 41’19.544

10 Abe N. 41’22.102

11 Nieto F. 41’29.501

12 Hill T. 41’31.444

13 Lanzi L. 41’31.829

14 Kagayama Y. 41’40.279

15 Nannelli G. 41’42.620

16 Neukirchner M. 41’42.654

17 Rolfo R. 41’43.108

18 Iannuzzo V. 41’44.031

DNF: Clementi I, Gimbert S, Martin S, Brookes J, Fabrizio M, Foret F, Corser T, Jones C (DNS).

World Superbikes race one lap-by-lap report.

Result: Bayliss, Haga, Toseland, Xaus, Pitt, Walker, Laconi, Muggeridge, Barros, Abe, Nieto, Hill, Lanzi, Kagayama, Nannelli, Rolfo, Iannuzzo.
Final lap: Bayliss leads Haga with Toseland one second behind Haga in third.
Lap 25: Toseland is within 1.6 seconds. Haga passes Bayliss into Becketts. Bayliss repasses Haga on the final righthander. Toseland closes further by the end of the lap as the lead duo fight.
Lap 23: Bayliss, Haga, Toseland, Xaus, Pitt, Walker, Laconi, Muggeridge, Barros, Abe, Nieto, Hill, Lanzi, Kagayama, Nannelli, Neukirchner, Rolfo, Iannuzzo.
Lap 22: Toseland again puts in a personal best lap. Nieto passes Hill to take 11th.
Lap 21: Toseland puts in a personal best lap to close 0.5seconds on the leading pair and pull clear of Xaus. It’s Bayliss, Haga, Toseland, Xaus, Pitt, Walker, Laconi, Muggeridge, Barros, Abe, Hill, Nieto, Lanzi, Kagayama, Neukirchner, Nannelli, Iannuzo, Rolfo.
Lap 20: Toseland catches Xaus. Toseland takes third with the back wheel sliding
Lap 19: Martin retires.
Lap 18: Bayliss passes Haga.
Lap 17: The lead swaps three times between Haga and Bayliss, but somehow Haga is able to go into the final chicane ahead and hold his speed advantage down the straight.
Lap 16: Bayliss makes a move, but is kept behind Haga as the lap ends. Barros passed Hill for 10th, as Toseland closes on Xaus.
Lap 15: Bayliss starts to challenge and make a move on Haga.
Lap 14: Bayliss has closed on Haga, as Toseland hunts down Ruben Xaus with 3.3 seconds to close. Then it’s Pitt, Walker, Laconi, Muggeridge, Abe, Hill, Barros, Nieto, Kagayama, Fabrizio, Lanzi, Gimbert, Clementi, Neukirchner.
Lap 12: Bayliss passed Ruben Xaus in the Complex with a tight braking move. Bayliss now needs to close the gap on leader Haga, with Xaus still close in third. Toseland is closing on Xaus.Tommy Hill drops to tenth, just ahead of Alex Barros moving up the field.
Lap 10: Haga loses 0.6 seconds to the chasing Xaus and Bayliss. Toseland is trying to close the gap from fourth, followed by Andrew Pitt, and then Chris Walker.
Lap 9: Foret retires. Toseland up to fourth from Chris Walker and Andrew Pitt. He has a four second gap to Bayliss and Xaus.
Lap 8: Haga, Xaus, Bayliss, Walker, Toseland, Pitt, Laconi, Muggeridge, Hill, Abe.
Lap 7: Pitt pases Toseland for fifth. Toseland regains the place at the chicane.
Lap 6: Ruben Xaus takes second from Troy Bayliss to move behind Haga. Walker is fourth, then Toseland and Pitt, Laconi, Muggeridge, Hill, Abe.
Haga leads from Bayliss and Walker at the end of lap two. Troy Corser restarts after a fall at the Woodcote chicane.
WSB Race One:
The first WSB race of the weekend has been redflagged during the first lap due to two major crashes. Troy Corser, Alex Barros and Fabien Foret were all involved in a first corner collision which saw the Brazilian narrowly escape injury by jumping as a burning bike slid towards him. Craig Jones was also injured in the first race carnage, and has been pulled from the restart grid suffering from double vision.

World Supersport result:

1 Charpentier S. 41’54.640

2 Parkes B. 41’57.442

3 Curtain K. 42’01.407

4 Riba P. 42’11.756

5 Harms R. 42’20.742

6 Roccoli M. 42’21.013

7 Fores J. 42’21.737

8 Lagrive M. 42’22.132

9 Stigefelt J. 42’23.713

10 Fujiwara K. 42’35.905

11 Checa D. 42’36.255

12 Berger M. 42’38.242

13 Andersen K. 42’38.719

14 Tiberio Y. 42’42.178

15 Easton S. 42’44.259

16 Lauslehto T. 42’46.023

17 Chambon S. 42’47.184

18 Veneman B. 42’47.359

19 Sanchini M. 42’57.612

20 Sofuoglu K. 43’00.365

21 Martinez B. 43’11.052

22 Tunstall T. 43’11.699

23 Praia M. 43’13.097

24 Owens S. 43’16.959

DNF: Ivanov V, Leblanc G, Vizziello G, Aldrovandi A, Enjolras J, Zaiser C, Velini A, Corradi A,Neate S, Le Grelle S, Berta A.

Superstock 1000cc result:

1. Corti.

2. Polita.

3. Badovini.

4. Scassa.

5. Rocamora.

6. dionisi.

7. Morais.

8. Sacchetti.

9. Baiocco.

10. Napoleone.

11. Chiarello.

12. martinez.

13. Cooper.

14. Smrz.

15. Tangre.

16. Saltarelli.

17. Lunadei.

18. Sanders.

19. Vermonden.

20. Manwaring.

21. Jerman.

22. Pollock.

23. Henderson.

24. Solli.

25. Kerkhoven.

26. Natalini.

27. Bovee.

28. Belliero.

29. Depoorter.

30. Van Bael.

31. Rapicavoli.

32. Biliotti.

DNF: Dell’Omo. Fouloy.

Superstock 600cc results:

1 Canepa N. 18’52.949

2 Simeon X. 18’52.997

3 Giugliano D. 18’55.302

4 Colucci D. 19’00.989

5 Antonelli A. 19’01.790

6 Costantini R. 19’04.781

7 Burrell B. 19’12.972

8 Millet F. 19’17.760

9 Jezek O. 19’21.749

10 Junod G. 19’22.127

11 Savary M. 19’22.649

12 Colatosti A. 19’24.071

13 Beretta D. 19’26.585

14 Bond M. 19’29.734

15 Northover C. 19’33.147

16 Pintar B. 19’33.919

17 Lamarra E. 19’34.426

18 Black G. 19’37.831

19 Ten Napel R. 19’43.008

20 Chmielewski A. 19’43.934

21 Van Nieuwenhuizen M. 19’47.680

22 Lundh A. 19’51.792

23 Hodt O. 19’55.677

24 Van Houwelingen L. 19’58.083

25 Prudik J. 20’02.346

26 Silvaneto L. 20’04.779

27 Lonbois V. 20’12.089

28 Gianfardoni R. 20’19.265

DNF Caldart D. Guerra Y. Erbacci C. Ter Braake R. Sutter D. Gruy W.

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