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Matt Winstanley continued his dominance in the British Supermoto Championship round at Rowrah by winning all three races.

The SM1 and SM2 champion made a clean sweep at the weekend with the two classes combined. This move proved a success with some exciting riding for the spectators.

Winstanley took overall pole in front of his nearest rival from the SM2’s, Chris Hodgson and Lee Jones. He was briefly challenged for the lead in race one but led from start to finish for the last two.

Ricky Higgs mirrored Winstanley’s performance in the SM2 category with three wins and the overall lead from the meeting in Cumbria. Higgs managed to outperform many of the SM1 riders and finished each overall race in second spot.

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The SM4 championship for Junior’s looked set to go to the wire from the start. Lewis Cornish took his advantage from the Three Sisters double header into the Rowrah meeting. Unlike Cornish, Ryan Blandford and Oliver Harrison needed to make their results count.

However maximum points for overall display took Cornish to the SM4 title.

Round 8 Results from Rowrah:


Pole: Matt Winstanley

Race 1: 1st Matt Winstanley, 2nd Craig Venske, 3rd Martin Robbins

Race 2: 1st Matt Winstanley, 2nd Lee Jones, 3rd Craig Venske

Race 3: 1st Matt Winstanley, 2nd Martin Robbins, 3rd Craig Venske

Overall: 1st Matt Winstanley 77, 2nd Craig Venske 52, 3rd Martin Robbins 47


Pole: Chris Hodgson

Race 1: 1st Ricky Higgs, 2nd Chris Hodgson, 3rd Scott Woodacre

Race 2: 1st Ricky Higgs, 2nd Chris Hodgson, 3rd Richard Blakeman

Race 3: 1st Ricky Higgs, 2nd Scott Woodacre, 3rd Chris Hodgson

Overall: 1st Ricky Higgs 75, 2nd Chris Hodgson 58, 3rd Scott Woodacre 49


Race 1: 1st Lewis Cornish, 2nd Oliver Harrison, 3rd Ryan Blandford

Race 2: 1st Lewis Cornish, 2nd Oliver Harrison, 3rd Ryan Blandford

Race 3: 1st Oliver Harrison, 2nd Owen Connell, 3rd Lewis Cornish

Overall: 1st Lewis Cornish 68, 2nd Oliver Harrison 65, 3rd Owen Connell 46

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