Smith shows skill at Three Sisters

Published: 12 April 2007

450 National Championship

The 450 racing on Saturday was hotly contested, in the B group.

Steven Bloomer had the fastest lap in race one followed by Craig Richardson in race two and Dave Wood in race three. Nick Gemzoe, Declan Hoey,

In the 450A Darren Warner had been extremely fast away from the start but James Addy made clear his intention for the season by setting the fastest lap and winning race one.

Addy secured his front position with wins and fastest laps in each race. Oliver Holmes spent each race following Addy and had to settle for three well deserved second places, with William Moore in a similar position with a full house of third places.

National Open Championship

Qualifying early on Sunday morning split over a hundred riders in to four groups for the National Championship.

The A Group was fiercely contested, and after a dry start to the race Kevin Drayton held the lead in race one, but as the rain fell the riders suffered from lack of grip on their slick tyres.

William Moore and Addy slipped past on the final lap to leave Drayton in third.

Race two had been declared a wet race and Addy had a clear lead from Moore, they remained unchallenged for the whole race. Kevin Drayton held the third spot.

In the final race the track was still unpredictable with some dry lines around the circuit; Addy took the lead from the start, with Moore in second place.

Drayton took the second place midway through the race to then pressure Addy until they crossed the finish line.

Alan Smith had battled for his third place finish.

British Supermoto Championship

The Star races would be the British Supermoto Championship races, and Three Sisters Circuit had opened the weekends racing with Qualification, and from a field of 64 hopefuls, the class was whittled down to only 28 riders.

Sam Warren took the advantage and won race one convincingly, leaving Matt Winstanley on cut slicks to capitalise on the second place points, with Christian Iddon in third.

By race two the weather conditions had not improved and Ady Smith made the most of his experience to clinch the second position behind Christian Iddon.

Winstanley had a safe race in third position.

Dry lines were becoming more prominent going into the final race, but Ady Smith’s skill and experience saw him lead from the start of the race, with Christian Iddon unable to close in in second.

A wise tyre choice allowed Greg Kinsella to take the third place finish with a good margin from David Jackson in fourth.

In the open championship, Iddon led the way on points followed by Smith and Winstanley.