Norasport race report from Anglesey

Published: 15 August 2007

Norasport had a fantastic circuit at Anglesey and was welcomed by the riders with its newly laid surface and flowing curves, and a bespoke track was used this weekend made up from the four tracks available.

In the Youth Racing , Oliver Harrison seemed suited to the fast circuit, setting the fastest times in qualifying at Anglesey, although Lewis Cornish was only half a second adrift.

Into race one and Lewis Cornish was back on winning form taking the top spot, and Jordan Holliday had an excellent finish in second place leaving Oliver Harrison in third.

Lewis Cornish had a comfortable lead again in race two from Jordan Holliday once again but Oliver Harrison reduced the margin by taking the second place finish.

James Moore bettered his result in race two and finished fourth leaving Karl Geary in fifth place for the second time.

Lewis Cornish led the final race once again and Oliver Harrison finished in second place in the final, he managed to push the points apart by a further eight points.

Jordan Holliday had an excellent day with a second place and two third place finishes, while James Moore had two fourth place finishes and Karl Geary managed to pass Scott Wright in lap three to take sixth place

In the 450 National Championship, Bruce Dingle got the best start in race one and managed to take the lead.

James Addy had to settle for second place. Shane Hewitt took the third place finish which left Chris Harrison, Phil Daley and Stephen Booth all crossing over the line within the same half a second.

Bruce Dingle led race two with Shane Hewitt in second place for the first lap, before James Addy took up the chase. Bruce Dingle won the race with James Addy in second place and Shane Hewitt in third.

Seven riders were all chasing fourth place and in the third lap Phil Daley led the pack, but by lap four Stephen Booth caught up with Phil Daley struggling with his bike. 

James Addy took lead and the winning trophy. Bruce Dingle took second place but only dropped two points on the day, while Chris Harrison had an excellent final to take the third place trophy.

Darren had the fastest lap and finished in fifth place. Russell Plevin had managed to make up two places in final lap, and Ryan Blandford had an excellent finish in seventh place from his B group start today.

In the Open National Championship, Gareth Middleton and Kevin Hollingsworth found themselves competing in the C group. Alan Dickens won the second race following a rise from ninth place in the first race with David Auker joining him for promotion.

In the final race of the day Vinnie Wright led Mark Hazelgrove over the line, with Joe Edwards completing the top three for the trophies.

Gary Paul had an excellent day starting in twelfth place but finishing the final in fifth place.

Chris Walker and Nick Gemzoe moved up after the first race C group race but Andy Wood was the rider who was setting the fastest times. Steve Ellis was away clean at turn one in the second race, Liam Riley however had taken the lead before the end of the first lap.

The two riders sparred for position but Liam Riley started to slip down the pack, leaving Michael Davies to chase Steve Ellis.

David Bates had been lined up for the final race win, followed by Steve Alford and Marc Johnson.

Tim Smith narrowly missed out on a trophy.

John Millward won in the first B group race. William Moore was second, Graeme Norris and Ben Kirkman set for a move up following race two.

In Race Two, Paul McNamara stuffed up the start by sliding off the bike on the start line, and Graeme Norris had a good start with Karl Geary but this race then suffered a restart.

Graeme Norris led the race followed by Dave Spafford leaving Karl Geary some work to get back to the top, but Ben Kirkman managed to claim the third place finish.

In the final race, Ben Kirkman  was in first place with David Harrison in second place. Neil Crayston took third place.

In the A Group, Kevin Drayton was the first man out of the left hand turn chased by Bruce Dingle, Chris Babbitt and James Addy.

By the second lap Chris Babbitt had taken second place from Bruce Dingle. James Addy moved in on lap three to take Darren Wells’ fourth position.

Over the line Kevin Drayton took the first win with Chris Babbitt in second, this left Bruce Dingle in third and James Addy secured fourth place leaving Darren Wells in fifth.

Bruce Dingle took the front place in race two from Kevin Drayton.  By the lap three Chris Babbitt had flown through to fourth place and he was then quickly up to third.

In the final race Kevin Drayton took the advantage of the fast circuit speed, to claim first place going into the left hand turn after the start line. Russell Plevin and Bruce Dingle chased him but before long Bruce Dingle had taken the lead position and Chris Babbitt and Paul Plevin had also got through; to leave Kevin Drayton in fourth and being pressured by James Addy.

Phil Gee had steadily improved on the day to hold sixth place over the line. This was a fantastic days racing for Chris Babbitt and Russ Plevin on this superb track.

William Moore finished in tenth spot which from a B group start was excellent, and Dave Spafford who only moved up after the second B group race managed to pull over the line in fourteenth place.

At the end of the day Bruce Dingle not only won the first place trophy but collected the most points, while Kevin Drayton also had a good weekend for a points result only three points behind Bruce.