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The Isle of Man's Dave Molyneux and Rick Long have won their second sidecar race at the Isle of Man TT centenary event.

While 13 is often bac luck for some, it's not the case for this pair as this is their 13th win at the event with Long now the most successful passenger in the history of the event.

The pair lookmed like they wouldn't even make the start of the race after an electrical problem, but they got going and rode to victory.

After the race Molyneux said: "I didn't think we wiould finish the race. We had an electrical problem and the clock stopped working but we ran back to the truck and were leant another dash board, god bless whoever caused the delay.

"I can tell you a week ago we thought this just isn't going to happen."

Early leaders Nick Crowe / Dan Sayle broke the lap record to record 116.667 at the end of lap two. But their bad luck was set to continue as theyt were forced to retire at the begining of the final lap.

John Holden / Andrew Winkle also recorded their second second.

Steve Norbury / Scott Parnell finished third although there was controversy at the end of the race as Schofield / Founds were believed to have been mistakingly black flagged.

Gary Horspole has been helicaoptered to hospital after a final lap accident. His passenger, Mark Cox is okay.

Top 10 results: Molyneux / Long; Norbury / Parnell, Neary / Bond; Schofield / Founds; Connole / Winn; Harrison / Williams; Jones / Lake; Elmer / Marshall; Howles / Jewell

Lap 3:

Molyneux / Long win their second sidecar race of the week with a last lap time of 19:53.35 and recording a 113.821 final circuit.

Molyneux /Long are now 18.38secs ahead of Holden / Winkle, while the Suzuki K6 of Norbury / Parnell are third heading round the Ramsey Hairpin as they start the last third of the circuit.

Leaders Molyneux / Long pass the Sulby speedtrap at 137.500mph. Fastest past the speed trap is Holden / Winkle at 143.400mph.

Molyneux / Long take the lead and are 14.09secs ahead by Glen Helen.

Crowe / Sayle stop at Ballahutchin while Klaffenbock / Parzer retire at Union Mill.

Lap 2:

Top 10 after lap two: Crowe / Sayle; Molyneux / Long; Holden / Winkle; Klaffenbock / Parzer; Schofield / Founds; Norbury / Parnell; Neary / Bond; Connole / Winn; Harrison / Williams; Horspole / Cox;

Crowe / Sayle break Molyneux's lap record to go 116.667mph in a time of 19:24.24. Molyneux / Long are now 38.69secs behind after a lap of 19:48.19 at 114.315. Holden / Winkle are third after a lap at 113.872mph.

The lead is extended to 31.86secs by the Ramsey Hairpin ahead of Molyneux / Long. Third placed Holden / Winkle headed through the corner wheel to wheel with Norbury / Parnell.

Crowe / Sayle go through the Sulby Speedtrap quicker than on lap one with a recorded speed of 144.600mph. Other riders in the top spots fail to improve on their times.

Mechanical problems at the start of lap two heading towards Glen Helen as Dongworth / Castles stop to make adjustments and the Suzuki K6 of Holden / Winkle is seen smoking. Crowe / Sayle extend their lead to 20.07secs.

Lap 1:

Top 10 results after lap one: Crowe / Sayle; Molyneux / Long; Holden / Winkle: Klaffenbock / Parzer; Norbury / Parnell; Schofield / Founds; Neary / Bond: Dongworth / Castles; Horspole / Cox; Laidlow / Farrance

Crowe / Sayle complete lap one in the lead in a time of 19:42.84 at 114.833mh while second placed Molyneux / Long set a time of 19:57.57 (113.419mph).

By Ramsey Hairpin Crowe / Sayle overtake Molyneux / Long on the road but the second pair also become seoncd in the placings 10.93secs behind the leading pair. Holden / Winkle fall down to third with Klaffenbock / Parzer fourth.

Leading team Crowe / Sayle go through the Sulby Speedtrap at 143.70mph but Holden / Winkle are quickest with 144.300mph.

Molyneux / Long make it to Glen Helen first in 5:06.77 but it's Nick Crowe and Dan Sayle fastest on time. They are 2.20secs ahead of Klaus Klaffenbock / Christian Parzer. John Holden / Andrew Winkle lie third.

Molyneux / Long make the start with Chief Minister, Tony Brown, waving the start of the race. 

Pre Race News:

With only 15 secs to go there has been a 15 minute delayed start with a dog loose on the circuit.

Monday's winner Dave Molyneux / Rick Long are having problems starting their machine.

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Sarah Carnell

By Sarah Carnell