Norasport Championship from Silverstone

Published: 24 September 2007

National Championships

In the National 450 Championship, Darren Warner and Darren Wells both had excellent race finishes, but James Addy took full race points; to secure the championship title going into the final round of 2007.

In the Open Championships D group race Mark Hazelgrove upped his pace and took the win from Paul Wilson who had been so close to the top position all day.

In the second C group race Craig Richardson put in the fastest laps and pulled away to take the second win.

Paul McNamara made the better of a poor start to climb back to finish second. Going into the final race Ian McCreadie had the pole position and converted it into the final win of the day. Michael Davies took the second place trophy.

Alan Dickens was the third rider to stand on the podium for the C group. There was also some very fast racing in the first B group race with Graham Wiles winning. Second place went to Ben Kirkman.

Neil Crayston secured the second race win from the start with Brad Davey in second.

By the third and final race John Earnshaw had earned the winning trophy. David Perry followed John Earnshaw to take second place and David Harrison had moved up during the day to capitalise on the third and final trophy.

In Group A James Addy led Chris Babbitt and Kevin Drayton in race one but Bruce Dingle was close behind and made his way past Kevin Drayton in the final few laps. This left the top three over the line as James Addy, Chris Babbitt and Bruce Dingle.

James Addy then stayed behind Bruce Dingle until the latter stages of the second race, but he made the manoeuvre which would secure the second win of the day. Bruce Dingle took second place this time despite setting the fastest time in the final lap.

Chris Babbitt’s excellent form took the third place finish.

In the final race an early fall left James Addy to chase the whole pack, he managed to reach seventh spot, leaving Bruce Dingle with a faultless win in the final race to extend his points lead.

Chris Babbitt had a fantastic day on the Silverstone Circuit, to claim a third and two second place finishes. Chris Harrison also had a fantastic final race, as he came in securely in third place to take away some silverware.

British Championship.

Christian Iddon had held on to his championship lead throughout the year going into the final round, his closest rivals were Matt Winstanley and Sam Warren.

A fall for Christian Iddon in race one however left him in 13th place, and although Sam and Matt finished in first and second place; it would not bridge the point’s gap in hand for Christian.

Iddon had claimed the title already and Matt Winstanley took second from Sam Warren.

In the 450 Championship Chris Hodgson marginally led Ricky, and he made sure he finished in the highest 450 position in all three races to claim the 450 championship title.

Ricky was as close as he could possibly get to the top, but eventually finished 10 points behind and had to be content with second place in the championship.

Keith Farmer didn’t have the best endings to the season but claimed the third championship place.