World Speedway schedules announced

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FIM Speedway Grand Prix series (SGP) rights holders BSI Speedway and the FIM have unveiled the Speedway Grand Prix and FIM Speedway World Cup calendars for 2011.

It features Poland’s brand new SGP venue Gorzow, which will stage the final round of the World Championship next year.

Gorzow’s Edward Jancarz Stadium is the only new venue on the list, while Polish track Torun and Croatian circuit Gorican stay on the schedule after successfully hosting their first SGP rounds this season.

The series opens with the FIM European SGP at Leszno’s Alfred Smoczyk Stadium in Poland on April 30, 2011.

Meanwhile, Vojens Speedway Center in Denmark and King’s Lynn’s Norfolk Arena in Britain have been handed the opening meetings of next season’s FIM Speedway World Cup (SWC).

Vojens stages the opening round on July 9, before the competition comes to King’s Lynn on July 11.

The Race-Off and Final take place in Gorzow on July 14 and 16 respectively, when Poland will bid to win their fifth SWC in just seven years in front of their home fans.

30/04/11 FIM European Speedway Grand Prix (Leszno, Poland)

14/05/11 FIM Swedish Speedway Grand Prix (Gothenburg, Sweden) 

28/05/11 FIM Czech Republic Speedway Grand Prix (Prague, Czech Republic) 11/06/11 FIM Dansk Metal Danish Speedway Grand Prix (Copenhagen, Denmark) 25/06/11 FIM British Speedway Grand Prix (Cardiff, Great Britain)

30/07/11 FIM Italian Speedway Grand Prix (Terenzano, Italy)

13/08/11 FIM Scandinavian Speedway Grand Prix (Malilla, Sweden) 

27/08/11 FIM Torun Speedway Grand Prix of Poland (Torun, Poland)

10/09/11 FIM Nordic Speedway Grand Prix (Vojens, Denmark)

24/09/11 FIM Croatian Speedway Grand Prix (Gorican, Croatia)

08/10/11 FIM Gorzow Speedway Grand Prix of Poland (Gorzow, Poland)

09/07/11 FIM SPEEDWAY WORLD CUP, Event 1 (Vojens, Denmark)

11/07/11 FIM SPEEDWAY WORLD CUP, Event 2 (King’s Lynn, Great Britain)

14/07/11 FIM SPEEDWAY WORLD CUP, Race Off (Gorzow, Poland)

16/07/11 FIM SPEEDWAY WORLD CUP, Final (Gorzow, Poland)

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Gary Pinchin

By Gary Pinchin